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iOS 9 & Apple’s Spotlight aka Smartbox Strategy

For simplicity sake, I’m going to refer to the tactic of integrating multiple data feeds for ‘instant answers,’ inside a search box a SmartBox strategy. With the news about iOS 9 yesterday at the developer event, as well as the reports from the last seven months about Applebot crawling the web, I think that it’s safe to say search is more awesome than it’s been in a while.

The integration of deep linking into apps, which you can now do on the largest mobile OS, is a huge deal. Right now, when I search, I routinely get URLs via Spotlight, which saves me time on my iPhone. With the iPhone 6 in more and more hands, the screen size is more interesting for advertising, as well as richer content.

As a publisher, I’d love to be able to have a richer description inside the search box, or have an app there, linking directly to a product, category page or similar. The feedback loop of download app, search on phone for stuff, re-visit app will also continue to fuel existing mobile category leadership. Those who take advantage of richly indexing their content on iOS will be able to extend their existing LTV models and potentially ad cost will go up, as well, as publishers of all sizes have increased retention & usage.

Wow, I really should have published this last June when I wrote the draft!

Mobile indexing = a big deal.

June, 2015 = Google announces over half of search originates on mobile (same month I wrote this draft), starting in May.

Drat. Next time, I need to remember to hit publish.

Ego surfing Friday And Bad News in Google Search

When I was in college, I found out something: I’m not special. In fact, based on my research at the time, I was one of 39+ Jeremy Goodrich’s alive in 1996. Then when I started digging in, I found out something even more interesting:

There are about 9 Jeremy Edward Goodrich’s alive today in the United States of America. At least one guy regularly signs up for things and I get his email. However, I wasn’t first on my Facebook URL but for years, I managed to grab most of them.

Today, I searched and saw some painful news about another Jeremy Goodrich going through hard times…wow. Makes my job search more interesting, compelling, and curious 😉

Figured I’d toss this out there, if you haven’t ego surfed in a while, you might take a look. Now I need to start working on a reputation management campaign for a bit to see if I can’t make things better. Sigh.

Hopefully, all the other folks with my name achieve success (but, I still want to try if I can to make sure all news about me is good news.)

Job hunting for marketing management or product roles in the Bay Area

I’m searching for a job and have been applying for a number of opportunities recently. What I’m searching for:

  1. Location:
    1. Bay Area (Campbell or a 45 minute commute) – cities included, ideally, are among Santa Clara, Campbell, Los Gatos, San Jose or anywhere from Foster City to Palo Alto, Mountain View, Redwood City, Redwood Shores, etc.
  2. Job type:
    1. Marketing management, product marketing or product management roles – my best skills include SEO, social media, digital analytics, marketing planning & implementation.
  3. Company size:
    1. I would prefer a larger, more established company where I can build a career for the long term.
  4. Other:
    1. Check out my profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, or elsewhere.

Recent projects completed include the hookupJS social media management software (last updates were in March, 2015) and a rank monitoring tool for search engines Bing & Google used internally May, 2015.

Paid marketing saas preview: learn how to subscribe for $10 bucks a month & optimize Facebook

This is one of the many screenshots from the new, paid marketing SaaS version of hookupJS. What it does:

Otimize posts for Facebook reach, provide intelligent recommendations and suggestions for post content. All free, personalized to your Facebook page. And, you can manage more than one Facebook page inside the free tool already live!

If you want to learn how to get the SaaS version of the subscription, $50 version for the $10 amount per month *for life* help support us on Indiegogo!


Absolutely crushing it: grow your traffic via LinkedIn

The other day, because our company is launching our free, open source social analytics tool soon, (hookupJS) I upgraded my LinkedIn membership from free to paid. I got the, “Sales,” account, which I’ve yet to do anything with.

Today, for fun, I poked at the stats they give you when you upgrade. The good news is I’m doing very well. The bad news is, there is one guy, only one person, that’s ahead of me. They’re next 😉

Stats show that I'm in the top 1% for professionals like me. Woo-hoo!

Stats show that I’m in the top 1% for professionals like me. Woo-hoo!

That's a sweet hockey stick if I've ever seen one.

Moving heaven and earth, tai chi and the power of will

I’ve had an interesting week, to say the least. Some good, some bad and then the water pipes broke. No joke, in fact, despite it seeming like one. My step-dad and mom, along with my older brother, routinely have a number of things that happen in life.

So do I, but, the one thing we all have in common is we get back up. Period.

My blog is, quite literally, Catching Fire. :) Thanks.

My blog is, quite literally, Catching Fire. :) Thanks.

To whit, I was stalked, fired, robbed, threatened and more by my last full time job. His business, kind of like, “Scrooge,” if he had not listened to the ghost of Christmas future, destroyed.

It sucks what happened, but evil is a temporal thing, same with greed.

The guys can be redeemed and time heals all wounds. This week, despite my stress, that voice inside my head is gone. I can think clearly, articulate a plan and entertain the crowd. Comedy, acting, theater used to be one of my passions. It’s nice to see the skill is there, latent, waiting to be tapped. About eight years, between fifth grade through freshman year in college, I was in the theater.

Adam’s a genius at it, of course. Growing up, he kicked my butt in a few things, theater and soccer chief among them. As a freshman in college, he was invited to the team, a first division school. There’s this epic photo of him that had the wrong caption, lol, but he looked fantastic. These days, it’d be a, “National Geographic Photo of the Day,” or something.

Back to my point about Tai Chi and the Will to Succeed

Tai Chi helps you regulate your breathing, which is excellent to help focus. Something I need right now, after dreaming up the, “Ultimate product,” we need to reign in our creative impulses and focus. Prioritize, cut features if needed and slim down the product to where we can ship. Set a deadline, quick-march to the finish and then see if we can’t deliver even better.

Shipping is winning, in my mind, and when the team doesn’t ship, it’s not winning. Developing in the darkness never works, even if people might be able to sell the, “Stealth Mode,” argument, what I’ve seen is the opposite.

More light streaming into your business model, the more you’ll have a chance at redirecting that flow, participating in the energy, and shining on.

Check out my stats, you’ll see that I’ve been crushing it on LinkedIn. It’s time for holidays, time for family time for friends. However, you have the option any time, any place, to start glowing. It’s inside all of us and we can break free, anytime, if we choose.

If others drive slow, drive fast.

If others drive slow, drive fast.

Wanna see what the hockey stick looked like?

That's a sweet hockey stick if I've ever seen one.

That’s a sweet hockey stick if I’ve ever seen one.

Finally, the “coup de grat,” and why everybody should think about what I said when they could double their blog traffic, for free, two weeks back.

I’ve tripled mine. Best month in a year. See here:

Traffic by month for past 13 months. Crushing it.

Traffic by month for past 13 months. Crushing it.

Here’s one final parting message, today, after so many, many tech companies have a, “Holiday shutdown.” Even if you’re walking the quick step, if everybody else is sitting still, a small team can run nearly endless circles around larger teams.

Looks like my team and I will just have to keep winning. Share, enjoy and feel the positive vibes, people. I’m listening to some Reggae music this weekend.


Double your blog traffic in two weeks for free – before the new year, details inside

A few weeks ago, while my brother was sick, I spotted an opportunity. I wanted to grow my traffic, which I doubled, before launching our company brand name.

How did I double the numbers? By following three basic rules of blogging:

  1. Share an opinion and a vision for the greater good, eg, a positive change
  2. Leverage media trends and insights to broadcast, blog, your message
  3. Post often and share liberally; watch traffic grow.
Trailing several weeks of blog traffic showing how I grew my numbers more than double in less than two weeks.

Trailing several weeks of blog traffic showing how I grew my numbers more than double in less than two weeks.

Every so often, I’m blogging on hookupJS as well, but for today, I’ve got a bunch of work to do.


Want to meet other business owners? Start one

The best way to meet other business owners is to be a business owner. 10% of my LinkedIn profile views are from business owners…and, between friends & family members, I have a dozen people I can call anytime for advice in my network. All owners, founders or entrepreneurs.

Like attracts like. It’s one of the best use cases I know of for LinkedIn.