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Serial entrepreneur, I've sold several one company out of every three I co-founded. Writer of multiple novels and currently working on a new vampire story, a sequel to my previous work. In my free time, I like games of all kinds, from card games, board games (chess, go), to racket sports, bocce and bowling. For more detail, check the about page.

That's a sweet hockey stick if I've ever seen one.

Moving heaven and earth, tai chi and the power of will

I’ve had an interesting week, to say the least. Some good, some bad and then the water pipes broke. No joke, in fact, despite it seeming like one. My step-dad and mom, along with my older brother, routinely have a number of things that happen in life.

So do I, but, the one thing we all have in common is we get back up. Period.

My blog is, quite literally, Catching Fire. :) Thanks.

My blog is, quite literally, Catching Fire. :) Thanks.

To whit, I was stalked, fired, robbed, threatened and more by my last full time job. His business, kind of like, “Scrooge,” if he had not listened to the ghost of Christmas future, destroyed.

It sucks what happened, but evil is a temporal thing, same with greed.

The guys can be redeemed and time heals all wounds. This week, despite my stress, that voice inside my head is gone. I can think clearly, articulate a plan and entertain the crowd. Comedy, acting, theater used to be one of my passions. It’s nice to see the skill is there, latent, waiting to be tapped. About eight years, between fifth grade through freshman year in college, I was in the theater.

Adam’s a genius at it, of course. Growing up, he kicked my butt in a few things, theater and soccer chief among them. As a freshman in college, he was invited to the team, a first division school. There’s this epic photo of him that had the wrong caption, lol, but he looked fantastic. These days, it’d be a, “National Geographic Photo of the Day,” or something.

Back to my point about Tai Chi and the Will to Succeed

Tai Chi helps you regulate your breathing, which is excellent to help focus. Something I need right now, after dreaming up the, “Ultimate product,” we need to reign in our creative impulses and focus. Prioritize, cut features if needed and slim down the product to where we can ship. Set a deadline, quick-march to the finish and then see if we can’t deliver even better.

Shipping is winning, in my mind, and when the team doesn’t ship, it’s not winning. Developing in the darkness never works, even if people might be able to sell the, “Stealth Mode,” argument, what I’ve seen is the opposite.

More light streaming into your business model, the more you’ll have a chance at redirecting that flow, participating in the energy, and shining on.

Check out my stats, you’ll see that I’ve been crushing it on LinkedIn. It’s time for holidays, time for family time for friends. However, you have the option any time, any place, to start glowing. It’s inside all of us and we can break free, anytime, if we choose.

If others drive slow, drive fast.

If others drive slow, drive fast.

Wanna see what the hockey stick looked like?

That's a sweet hockey stick if I've ever seen one.

That’s a sweet hockey stick if I’ve ever seen one.

Finally, the “coup de grat,” and why everybody should think about what I said when they could double their blog traffic, for free, two weeks back.

I’ve tripled mine. Best month in a year. See here:

Traffic by month for past 13 months. Crushing it.

Traffic by month for past 13 months. Crushing it.

Here’s one final parting message, today, after so many, many tech companies have a, “Holiday shutdown.” Even if you’re walking the quick step, if everybody else is sitting still, a small team can run nearly endless circles around larger teams.

Looks like my team and I will just have to keep winning. Share, enjoy and feel the positive vibes, people. I’m listening to some Reggae music this weekend.

Humble suggestion: tech workers, unite

If there were tech “unions,” then the rich, powerful companies would not have been free to suppress wages (I got the notice about the ebay / Intuit lawsuit, so did everybody else – let’s stop trying to hide what’s true, okay?).

If you wake up and smell the hummus, Fred Wilson’s system that he backed, last month, has a solution. Bitcoin based identity. Our patent pending technology builds on top of that, to enable power to the players unlike any other technology in Silicon Valley over the last half century.

If you, like me, tend to make companies millions of dollars regularly, we should chat. At my company, the CEO gets paid less than the CTO, in cash, and in stock.

Everything is as halocratic as it gets and with our tech, things will be, quite literally, in the hands of whoever wants to grow the most, to get whatever dreams, personalized, they wish in their job.

After all, if I have my dream job, shouldn’t my team have their dream job too?

Credits, citations and traces: good people, we all cheat a little

From the work of behavioral economics great, the book, “Predictably Irrational,” tells us that we all cheat a bit. That’s normal in American history.

If we look at the evolution of human society, I’m sure that every culture has a bit of, “Cheating,” as the normal.

However, we draw the line at our own children. As Bill Gates emotional maturity showed, it’s time those with wealth, power and influence follow his example. Let’s compete by how many children we’ve saved, how much better the human condition is, the world over.

Let’s give all the children of the world a priceless gift this holiday season, and in the years ahead.

Freedom. Trust. Privacy. Safety. Comfort. The knowledge, deep inside, that we can all be the heroes of whatever story we tell ourselves with the power of our own minds.

It’s what being a hero means to me. I’d like my children, and yours, to all have a shot at becoming whatever superhero we need, as humanity, to unite us and enable all the children of humankind to have clean water, loving families and a brighter, cleaner & better tomorrow.

Cheney, the VP I knew became President – he was good. You’re evil. Bullets inside.

It's a bit strange they keep giving him interviews. Either we start waterboarding the guy finally and sell it pay per view - or not. Done.

It’s a bit strange they keep giving him interviews. Either we start waterboarding the guy finally and sell it pay per view – or not. Done.

Dick Cheney…oh, how your parents *knew* that they named you so well. The boss you had, who became president in very questionable circumstances. All because perhaps of what he did when he helped off Kennedy, right?

So your old buddy’s son makes good, you’re jealous. On a hunting trip, you accidentally shot the bastard who’s with you, wishing, imagining for a moment you could do what my family was accused of – ascending the throne for selfish reasons.

Unlike the man I knew, who was Vice President of his country, then President – that man has good intent. Not once, despite the Daily Show (Jon Stewart, I love you, but you owe me and my family for hosting Anni Nasheed and his lies), despite the Late Night Show, of this idiot accusing my family of something wrong. Letterman, your career is almost over, but the “Nail in the coffin,” was hosting an ex-dictator and calling him a “Leader of the free world.”

Richard Branson, jumping in on knowing some of the people involved, but a single meeting never determines character. Trust is built over time, not an instant. Richard, if we ever have the pleasure of meeting, let’s agree – you completely, 100% misunderstood about Maldives, Waheed and had ZERO business interfering. In return, I’ll assume you weren’t being British and trying to fuck an indigenous people once more…or attempting to burn the seat of my federal government, the White House, like in 1812. I know the Brits were pissed, but guys, it’s been centuries – move on already.

However, now that we all know what little Dick is whining about, I propose that we let him have it.

1. Dick Cheney, we’ll nominate you for the Republican President, right after Obama finishes (I’ll help elect you, sick twisted man you are, if you ask – nicely).

I’ve already helped personally fill a presidential role as a marketing consultant after all. Unlike what the media in Maldives said, unlike what Richard Branson said, unlike what the UK Government said, I’m innocent of all accusations. If I was guilty, Chase Bank would have my $3 million dollars, and I wouldn’t be working full time to launch my ideas.

2. We tally up the waterboarding you and Bush junior ordered. I think 2x is more than fair, especially since it’s, “Not torture,” right? First your kids get to go twice each, while you watch, unable to look away. Before you get to feel it, I know, father to father, seeing your children treated the way you treated those prisoners would make you lose it.

3. After we finish waterboarding your children (we’re licensing this to Showtime or HBO, probably Showtime, think, as a pay per view special), guess what’s next? Your turn.

4. For the crimes you’ve helped so many people commit across the country, for the faith we’ve lost in each other, it’s only fitting the families of Treyvon Martin and others get a chance to help you understand how the waterboarding really isn’t cool – but as you say, it’s not torture, so it’s okay.

5. Last, but not least, since you really, really crossed the line with that, “Rectal feeding,” bit…after you’re waterboarded so much you can’t see, hear, think straight, after your lungs are nearly collapsed, sobbing, gasping, aching in pain throughout your body, the likes of which you have never experienced…

…in that moment, when dear god, all you can think, all you can process is, “Oh, no, they’re stuffing food up my bum.”

That, Dick Cheney, is the only way you’ll ever, ever become the Republican President of my beloved United States. I’m not sure when your family arrived to spoil the party, but “We got here first.” American blood had been flowing in my veins for a hundred years before we tossed the redcoats.

Besides which, Cheney, you’re the bastard that made the call to start getting creepy.

Not me, friend. Reap what you sow and the American people will finally believe you aren’t a greedy, selfish, envious, odious man.

Hi Brad, I saw you half naked at Intuit. Remember me?

Notice his arms are folded; if you know body language that screams, loudly, "I'm smug - and hiding something."

Notice his arms are folded; if you know body language that screams, loudly, “I’m smug – and hiding something.”

Startups don’t fire friends, Brad. They treat employees like *family*. I don’t fire my brother. So, when will Intuit stop the ritualistic summer time firings?

When you do, I’ll believe that, truly, Intuit is acting like a start-up. A new business operates on trust, the trust in the existing relationships of the people involved. When you violate that trust, even if you, as a high level, multi-million dollar earning executive, need to be able to share in the teams pain. Did the “Timmy,” in your personal life suffer this holiday season? I’m sure that I could name a few folks I know who’s family suffered, after five plus years of service, when YOU made the decision to fire them all. How about it? Let’s say, instead of this “start-up envy,” some of you uber rich people seem to have, treat your people like family.

Now. Don’t wait. Tell us you give a crap.

Then, and only then, perhaps we’ll believe that you mean to treat Intuit, the team, the people, like family. Tell me, publicly, that “We care and give back,” isn’t some corporate bull-pucky.

Or do you lack the cajones to tell Wall Street you’re done hurting families on an annual basis, like some twisted parody, “Hunger Games,” corporate style.

Grow a pair. Please. Or get off the pot.

Personally, I’m sick and tired of your, “Compassion,” when the only thing I see is profits rise, perks fall, while you get paid and fire my friends.

It’s pretty fucking shitty behavior.


Notice, I’m calling out his business – not how he looked without a shirt on…he could have easily changed in the stall, I didn’t realize that being an employee meant seeing the CEO’s hairy chest, but, I’m the one who has to live with that after image for the rest of my life. It wasn’t my chest, it was his and unfortunately, what’s been seen and shown in public can’t be hidden.

Or was that your way of, “Foot tapping?”

Bitcoin based Remembrance Agent, My Knowledge Palace

There was a time when, as I read Paul Graham’s essay tonight, I also used to wonder how I knew something, then wonder, why I knew it or if it was important. I’ve re-read the Wheel of Time series many, many times. Each time, I think I got a whole lot more out of the story. I felt infinitely better, because I love that story.

Also, I’ve re-read the Tao Te Ching, and the book, “What Would Machiavelli Do?” What re-reading has taught me is that the clues you see always have a point, then counter-point. Some emotional anchor to the hard-won binary logic. A cliche, if you will. The icon and the text, one re-enforcing the idea of the other, enabling our simple minds to expand.

Emotion, action, image.

Einstein moon-walking next to me wearing a slick tuxedo; me, doing the salsa, shaking my bum in blue jeans with a silly grin. It matches that worn by the Cosmic Magician himself, right before I dip my head, spin away and seek my partner.

My angel, my inspiration. Being in a relationship teaches you things about yourself, like books do. A good book enables you to see good things, teach you lessons about healthy growth, emotional maturity. Relationships, perhaps good ones, do the same. Like good books.

A bad one can be a soul sucking vicious cycle, as I’ve seen a few times. I’m no stranger to scars. The important thing that happens isn’t that we analyze why we fell down. We’re all human.

It’s only important to get back up. Ever seen this motivational speaker before (youtube video)? Nick Vujicic, he’s amazing.

Intel Real Sense, Your Face is the Controller and the Age of the Mimic

Convert an analog face into a digital wave form

Convert an analog face into a digital wave form

Growing up, a read a lot of fantasy books. Even if I haven’t read as much sci-fi as fantasy, I love me a good story. Especially when it involves magic. Thing is, fantasy and science fiction are always grouped together in the bookstores and ironically, I never understood until today why that is; from the perspective of us human beings today, both worlds are fake.

Fantasy represents impossible things happening in the past, where people had access to extraordinary abilities not present in that time period. Same with the future, where people have flying cars, hoverboards and more.

Ying and yang, eh? Funny but, it makes sense. Librarians are some of the smartest people I know, probably becuase they have been dealing with the physical orginizations of knowledge across space and time. Like the Palace of Knowledge, from the middle ages, the librarian has to figure out how to re-position the specific knowledge into the three dimensional spot it previously occupied. For that task, we have a Dewey decimal system. It works well, in some respects.

Have you seen that you can use your face as a controller for a game now, in javascript?

This isn’t science fiction, it’s Intel’s Real Sense camera. I suppose, “Primsense,” being taken by Apple via acquisition meant that, as usual, the marketing folks played the name game to ensure that we all understand Real Sense is very close to Prime Sense, and each one enables technology that’s, “As intuitive as your own feelings.”

Welcome to the age of the mimic: buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for a bit

3d is a powerful thing. Until somebody can create a perfect video, audio and kinetic imprint of somebody committing a crime. With projectors, Real Sense, a cocktail like those favored by Bill Cosby, I’d wager that we go from a few, “Football player raped me,” stories to, “The aliens raped me,” and they will believe it.

I, for one, don’t want to start in an unauthorized digital reproduction of, “Me,” unless I agreed in advance. Unlike a photo, a 3d representation of a person is incredibly powerful. Coupled with physical evidence, how hard would it be to convince a jury of our peers that somebody peed in the street, simply by breaking in, stealing urine & hacking a computer system?

Physically, there would be the urine. The molecules left over from your shoes. The path taken, etc. The only actual way to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you didn’t pee in the street would be to be able to prove that, while the pee in the street happened, you were in fact located elsewhere. Track, trace, record and project your particular harmonic resonance all over your existence – and a digital one to correspond to the analog. An address you own, only yours, ever.

Sounds a bit like science fiction, but as they say, “Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I did not even *see* the Intel Real Sense technology until last night but of course, it fits perfectly as an integration into both our correspondence system as well as our task management system via distributed identity.

Oh, one more thing. Google’s tech, they admit, is, “From the future.” So is ours :)

Patent pending cryptography and the bitcoin indexed digital world

When we think about how movies like, “The Secret,” can influence us, they seem like the corniest ideas imaginable. Deep down inside, I’m still the little boy who spent all his money on comic books, as soon as he could. Who read about the Professor, Wolverine and wished, someday, the good guys would win over the bad guys.

Unfortunately, it’s easy as an adult to forget how much *fun* it was playing with toys. Magical. Delightful. As a child, I played with He-men, with Transformers, dressed like a Pirate, a Super Hero. Dreamed.

At some point, the dreams left and then the career took over. Business became business, not fun. Those dreams remained buried, deep inside. When my own children started to grow up, and especially these last few years, watching, yearning to be with them. Not being able to bask in their glow, to watch them become men. It’s frustrating to be a remote controlling parent and trust me, the wish I have most inside is to hug my children once more. To hear them laugh, to be made fun of, to hear them tell me, “It’s okay.”

Comfort. Security. The idea that their identity or mine, could be stolen at the drop of a hat concerns me greatly. I have two unique, special and precious children. We come from different countries, but they are mine and I am theirs. Their father, and like any father, I want the very best for them. It’s a bit tough to compete as a man in the “badge,” arena when you have humble beginnings to your own story and have always felt a tiny, gnawing insecurity inside.

“Am I good enough?” I asked, earlier. Before I knew, I’d wonder. That wondering, that gnawing doubt, I allowed inside, it took hold, root and grew. Suddenly, I lifted my head up, lost, unable to remember where I was or worse, *how* I had arrived.

We’re all good enough to be fathers, otherwise, we’d never have been able to make children

Flaws, mistakes, rough edges and more are what make us special, unique. If we all made the right decision, the right call, all the time, we wouldn’t be human. We’d be gods. So as a father, with the flaws I own, with every imperfection inherent in every imperfect cell of my flawed from the beginning body…if I’m qualified to be a father, if any human being is qualified to reproduce, we all are qualified.

It sounds corny to write that, or even think it. But, it’s true. I know every parent I’ve ever met has asked themselves that question, and now, I know, it’s doubt. Pessimism. I’m good enough to have made children, and I love them. I expect their flaws, and I expect their pain. I am going to share their tears and their triumphs. Relish in their glory, their accomplishments and achievements. Small, large, relevant to my life or outside of my comfort zone, their outcomes are their own.

I’m just here to give what advice I may, because I love them, while we’re both on the same spinning, floating ball in outer-space, the third rock from the Sun, in the Milky Way. It’s a big, wide, massive universe out there.

What if hope, what if love, what if that unique gift we all share, to be human, to be flawed, really is the answer we’ve been searching for?

Have you ever wondered how ugly we all look compared to the aliens? We’re not humans, after all. We’re Earthlings :)