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Serial entrepreneur, I've sold several one company out of every three I co-founded. Writer of multiple novels and currently working on a new vampire story, a sequel to my previous work. In my free time, I like games of all kinds, from card games, board games (chess, go), to racket sports, bocce and bowling. For more detail, check the about page.

Warmth in the darkness is hard to accept, or why we waste energy as humans

Metaphorically speaking, Homo Sapiens, by and large, haven’t evolved since Plato as much as we would sometimes like to think. He was the first to share the parable of the cave, which is where many, many of my fellow humans are trapped.

It’s dark outside and inside, but it’s warm, and where I’m working, it’s glowing

Unfortunately for me and my sanity, the cat, Oreo, isn’t as evolved as I am. That means, in the darkness, he still feels fear. At his age, middle aged and then some for a cat, it’s hard to evolve. To grow.

Like a small child, he seeks comfort from me. I had to chase him away, to watch the movie on Netflix I had to put on to entertain him. The lights next to the television are lovely, their glow is abstract and it provides a kind of ephemeral luminescence. Comforting, even to a human being like me. Soothing.

Oreo is feeling better now, the lights soothe him and his meows are gone. At peace again, I can now reflect on the experience and how it interjected itself into this story, this blog post.

My fellow Americans, we waste a ton of the Earth’s resources bathing ourselves in light

I realize for public safety, there are a number of reasons we do this. What if there was a better way to establish trust, to shine the metaphorical light? What then?

We could stop wasting so much energy. Free ourselves to higher order pursuits, freedom, happiness, joy and love. Live. Breath. Exist.

Shining a light in the darkness, literally, burning energy simply to create a soft, glowing sense of trust is wasteful. There is a better way.

I know how to teach it, to share it, to nurture it and bring it to life. It’s inside all of us and commercially, inside my company. Tomorrow is a better, safer, brighter day than ever.

Glowing brighter while burning less, lasting longer and enabling peace like nothing else. Wow. That’s a happy place. We can get there.


Hiding in the light, our deepest darkness and the abstract future

image1 (2)Today I had a moment of clarity, as they say in Pulp Fiction. You know the scene where Jules tells Vince about his moment? It’s important because at the end of the movie, Vince is dead. He’s a douche of an order that ultimately deserves his fate. Jules, on the other hand, is pretty amazing. After walking in the darkness, he sees the light.

When reading about humanity and evolution, the idea of abstract thinking starts to resonate.

I couldn’t put a pulse on it until a few events happened recently. Driving on the freeway, I saw that some cars chose not to turn their headlights on. For some, it makes total sense. “Why should I put my headlights on when it doesn’t change my own personal ability to see the road?”

Simple. Because the greater good dictates we all turn them on. Even if you can see, it might be, I’m driving seventy miles an hour in an all wheel drive vehicle in two inches of rain. It could be, I’m in the fast lane.

Meanwhile, you’re in a honda accord. You sprung for the expensive EX model, or maybe you drive a Lexus sedan. Or a Mercedes, and spent a hundred grand on an AMG model. Iphone in hand, you’re breaking the law, driving with the phone next to your head, in the rain, with mist so dense nobody can see your gray car.

Disappeared inside the darkness, wrapped in light, your Mercedes is invisible to my Subaru.

At the point of impact, my car slams home, at seventy miles an hour, with your bumper. Despite the rain, you were driving sixty miles an hour, hardly slow. Because I had no time to react to the speed delta, the cars were too close, I hit your bumper. Spinning out of control, your car does a three hundred and sixty degree turn. Spins completely out of control.

Heart pounding, you have a brief, panicked moment when the phone slips from your grasp. At home, your pregnant wife was just telling you about the most important moment of your entire life. At thirty six, you’re going to be a father. Her water broke, and she wanted to meet you at the hospital. Driving fast in the rain to get there to see your newborn, you made a small mistake.

Forgetting to turn your lights on. After all, it’s bright enough *for you* in front of your car.

Invisible to me, coming up fast. The three sixty causes your Mercedes to spin so fast, the Iphone hits the windshield so quickly, all you can think is that your last words to your wife were, “I’ll see you soon.”

The lie burns in your eyes, causing them to water the moment the Semi strikes.

Flipping end over end, your head snaps, killing you. The very last moment before the lights turned out, the energy faded, all you had time to broadcast was a simple, small signal.

Crap. I made a mistake.

The only thing that happens before the lights fade, the curtains close, your unborn child loses their father is that you know, deep down inside your bones, inside your heart, inside every single cell of your whole body.

You alone, driving sixty miles an hour in the rain, with no lights on in a gray car, knowlingly breaking the law and holding a device in your hand, with one hand on the steering wheel, with zero cars to your right, when you could have easily driven in any one of the three free lanes.

You alone were responsible.

You killed yourself, because of, ironically, the smallest decision you made that day. For good intent, to encourage your wife, alone at home while you were on the way to a business meeting. Late, driving fast, heart racing, your baby was on the way a few days early.

Nothing in Google Now could have prepared you. The smallest decision of the day, the tiniest, most infinitesimally small thing you could have chosen in your life, ended it all.

With victory inside of your grasp, your genetic, evolutionary goal within reach, life slips from your fingers. The future belongs to the past, the lights go out, and all the fun you could have imagined before that day escapes your grasp.

I’ve lost family. There were many accidents today on the road. I drive safely, quickly and within the bounds of the laws that govern our society. Please, don’t be greedy, ignorant, stupid or willful. It might be your life, it might be somebody else’s, that’s lost.

All because you made a deliberate, singular decision to hold your iPhone and drive.

This story is entirely fictional. I’m a professional writer, marketer, story teller. I’m here, quite frankly, to prevent this scene from happening. It’s good when we can drive safely. It’s bad when we don’t, when we can’t trust our fathers, our mothers, our sons and our daughters on the roadways. I love my family.

I know you love yours just as much.

Please, share this message. My company, hookupJS, is looking for investors. Together, we can prevent this tragedy before it happens. If you have the power to help me prevent this tragedy, I can’t help but feel sad for the future you created – if you chose to ignore this message.

Me? I’m one of the good guys.

Partial to Wolverine from the X-men, but so far, my band of three is a smaller squad. Together, we’re going to do amazing things. I’m small, powerful and nearly indestructible. I’ve been through a lot in thirty-seven years, and unfortunately, I took the advice given every young person who says they want, at some point, to be a writer.

“Live,” they say.”Live life and experience the world, the universe, then come back and tell us the stories of hope, of joy, of possibility and opportunity that you’ve seen out there in the wide, wide world.”

I’ve helped change the course of elections, met billionaires and powerful leaders across the world. I grew up in a small town, like some fantasy book or the Wheel of Time. I believe, through the power of abstract thinking, we can imagine a better world for all of us.

Like the latest X-men movie, I’m from the future, here to warn the present, to see the Mercedes strike the Semi, and share a small, singular truth. It’s preventable. It’s within our power, yours, mine, our team’s, our vision. It’s possible. We can change the world, together.

We’re going to be heroes.

The good news for the investors? They’re going to be rich.

Fred Wilson, AVC Union Square Ventures, We have the distributed ID system based on bitcoin

2014-hookup-js-screenshotHey Fred-

We haven’t been introduced yet, but, I wanted to mention because based on what you’re looking for, it seems like we’ve just stumbled across it in our efforts to solve some problems, including but not limited to the “Holodeck,” from Star Trek.

I know I know. Total sci fi right? So were satellites, before somebody invented them. We’ve got a great team, innovative three stage business model and a big vision. Large appetite, too.

Call us or reach out if you’re as hungry as we are for things like peace on Earth and good will, distributed, for all human kind. It’s the kind of social capitalism that beats at the center of our firm.

Or if you know Fred, feel free to introduce us. Or one of the relevant YC folks that are into the blockchain. Other folks, if you know me, or know folks who know me, get in touch. I’m super excited about this.

Rather, let me put this another way: we’ve now got a patent pending on a specific way of validating, public notary style, yourself at all times. Permanently. :)

Using the system that Union Square Ventures announced last month, the ONS system. DNS for people.


Jeremy Goodrich, CEO & Co-founder, hookupJS

image1 (2)

Symbols, money and the clues about our future past

Yesterday, I felt a sense of urgency. “Do I still have my crystal ball?” Then this morning, I read a ten year old link asking, “What color are your bits?”

After browsing for a moment, I sent a quick note to my team…about the rocket ship product. Not the bicycle, which is what we’re building now. The crystal ball was for me, yesterday and the link this morning was to remind me something.

I owe my children a copy of our family tree; over the holiday, I need to ask my dad to make a copy and figure it out while I’m there. It’s important, because family is important.

People matter, especially those people who love you and that hold a special place in your heart. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to know a father loves his children. That love, that feeling, holds a special place in my heart. While I love my dad, the feeling I have for my children is infinitely deeper, wider, different. It’s hard to explain but I think it has to do with basic, human evolution. If fundamentally our species is here for survival, then we’re obligated to have more.

If for some strange reason, there’s a higher purpose to all this, it’s up to us to discover it, share it, embrace it…nurture it. Right? Knowledge is real. It’s powerful. It’s visceral, like the truth. Like love, it can be felt, it can be grabbed, held and understood in a way that transcends something as crude as the phonetic language we all share.

The greatest keys to scientific inquiry lie wrapped in a conundrum

Or maybe not, I did, after all, lead this post with a crystal ball, rigth? Pagan tradition has gypsies that go around telling you your future. The savvier among us know that when the enlightened gypsies came to town, what happened? They told the truth, and were run off by the good townspeople.

How can you trust those with no notion of property?

It’s a sick parallel of what happened to the gypsies in Europe, what the arriving Europeans did to the native people here. Again, how can you trust those with no notion of rights, responsibilities, ideas that can’t be communicated in words, in language, because language itself is an artifact of cultural bias. Of a strict, dogmatic way of thinking.

Today I have, as usual, too much to do and as they say, there is no rest for the wicked. There’s a concept, floating in the air, surrounded by heat, by warmth. It’s cold outside and inside, there’s a fire. It’s enabling me to feel good, to smile. The light spills forth from my eyes, and my fingertips start to glow.

Colors, a pulsating, mesh rainbow, start to pulse. I wake up, smiling.

There’s good work to be done.

2014-12-09 ranking up to the right

Bitcoin and the future shape of knowledge

IMG_0023As a child, I dreamed very powerful things. Stories. Fantasies. It turns out, years later, that there are some dreams which are so powerful, they take over your life, having dreamed them, until you make them reality. I’ve personally felt lost in the sea change that takes over your life as the genie comes out of the bottle. Both in good ways, for example, when working with amazing people. Hanging out with my children.

In bad ways, too, such as when I lost myself for years in drinking

Trust me when I say, it sucks to lose yourself. Drown. Hurt. Ache, all over. Feel so lost you can’t recognize up from down. Left from right. When the tears have lost all sense of meaning and refuse to come, because while you are alive, you’re dead inside. A walking, breathing zombie, who crushes it, nightly, with a quantity of alcohol so profound it would kill the child or small adult who consumed it. The scars are still there, mostly on the inside, and sometimes when I look at the dark places I’ve been through, the light of the truth hurts.

I’m still here. Despite all my faults, all my mistakes, I’m breathing. Exhale, slowly. Unclench, I’ve though to myself more than once. This is what a super hero feels like, I thought this morning, fighting down my fear for the thousandth time. Or hundredth, perhaps. It’s been one hundred days since I gave up the bottle and put a cork in unleashing the demon every night. I still can’t track how many years it has been since I spent one hundred days. Dry.IMG_0001

Wrung out, warn out and tired, for a while. Daily fighting the urge to give in, to give up, to chuck it all and drink once again. The tears are forming now, and I’m tempted to let them out. It hurts to think about how much I wanted, craved and needed to drink again. Mom’s got cancer, time to drink. My step dad’s in the hospital again, it’s time to drink.

When the third time your step father is in the hospital, and you get fired when you want to visit him, and see your children in Hong Kong, whom you haven’t seen for four heart wrenching months.

Time to drink.

Over and again, it was time to drink. Recently, I’ve fought down the fear, the hopelessness, the rage. I’ve battled and won, time and again, without giving up.

This weekend, I had a profound, incredible realization. I’m feeling better than I have for a long time, the fear, the rage, the lost in a sea of soul crushing despair has faded. Tears are streaming down my face, and my nose is running, but, I need to write this now. The hope, the joy…I’ve lost myself, and found it all again. I can smile.

Laugh. Remember. The days add up, and the days are filled with joy. Gratitude, every day for the meals I cook, the joy I have in love, life, children and family. I feel better than I have in a decade, and then this weekend, in the midst of celebratory joy, I heard a voice.

Time to drink.

I didn’t. I’m happy, I’m crying right now, but I didn’t give in, I didn’t give up. I slayed the demon, for the hundredth time, and I don’t know when or how it goes away. All I know is, every day, I’m smiling. I’m happy. The issues are more rare, less frequent, and overall, I’m at peace.

I still have ups and downs. Don’t we all? We’re human beings, filled with emotion. Those highs and lows can wreak havoc on our sense of peace. Of joy.

Advertising, marketing, stories. They move us, the make us and they break us. The story we tell ourselves, about our lives, about our dreams. Are we okay with who we are, deep down?

I’m finally okay, and I know who I am. Accepting of the issues, the mistakes. I’ll try to repeat the ones I’ve made less often in the future, I know I’m not perfect. I don’t need to be.

I just need to be me; and I’m totally fine with that. Flaws and all.

Okay, my tears are dry and there’s one final thing I want to share, despite all how it hurt to write that, and then read it, and that it’s my name, my reality, and my story in this post. All me, and I’m good with that. If you open up, if you share your story, your vision, even if sometimes, you make mistakes and it hurts, you’ll be infinitely better off. Somewhere along the time, after my head exploded, I lost myself.

There is a message I have, and it’s a powerful one. Be thankful, try to improve, and find your joy inside. There’s a light there, it’s bright, it’s powerful, and we all have our own.


Double your blog traffic in two weeks for free – before the new year, details inside

A few weeks ago, while my brother was sick, I spotted an opportunity. I wanted to grow my traffic, which I doubled, before launching our company brand name.

How did I double the numbers? By following three basic rules of blogging:

  1. Share an opinion and a vision for the greater good, eg, a positive change
  2. Leverage media trends and insights to broadcast, blog, your message
  3. Post often and share liberally; watch traffic grow.
Trailing several weeks of blog traffic showing how I grew my numbers more than double in less than two weeks.

Trailing several weeks of blog traffic showing how I grew my numbers more than double in less than two weeks.

Every so often, I’m blogging on hookupJS as well, but for today, I’ve got a bunch of work to do.

Turkey bacon pancakes with 100% real Canadian maple syrup, served with coffee & orange juice. #brunch

Best brunch ever? Delicious turkey bacon pancakes with real maple drizzle

Here’s what geeks do on their, “Day off.” #brunch

If you want to know the recipe for these delicious turkey bacon pancakes, here you go.

Best ever turkey bacon pancakes, topped with glistening real maple syrup.

Best ever turkey bacon pancakes, topped with glistening real maple syrup.

Starting with the first picture, I’ve pre-cooked the bacon. The pancake batter is simple, if you want to make the same kind as I do, use the following for the recipe:

  1. Grab two bowls, one larger than the other
  2. In one bowl, mix dry ingredients:
    1. Two cups flour
    2. Three tablespoons sugar
    3. Two teaspoons baking powder
  3. In the wet bowl, mix:
    1. Two eggs
    2. First remove shells, etc – keep it real and clean people.
  4. One and three quarters cup milk;
  5. You can use more, but the batter should be thick, not too runny but also able to “relax,” into it’s own shape. Anywhere between one and three quarters and a full two cups is fine for the batter, depending on how fluffy you like the pancakes.
  6. Combine the wet ingredients into the dry; beat them together until they form a nice, even consistency and all the dry has been thoroughly mixed.IMG_1231
  7. Heat a cast iron skillet for best results over four or medium heat; then turn down gradually as you make the pancakes once the skillet becomes hot.
  8. I made the mistake of first using a non stick skillet this morning. Don't make my mistake!

    I made the mistake of first using a non stick skillet this morning. Don’t make my mistake

  9. Dollop one pat of butter – use judgement – per pancake.
  10. IMG_1245
  11. Heat on one side, topping with the turkey bacon – chopped. Use a small sprinkling, or more, per each pancake. For one batch, I would recommend a full six pieces of bacon.
  12. After heating on one side, you’ll see bubbles. Those are good, flip once only, and make sure the edges have become a nice, crispy golden brown.
  13. It only looks this good when it's real cast iron people. Use the right tool for the job. Lesson learned.

    It only looks this good when it’s real cast iron people. Use the right tool for the job. Lesson learned.

  14. When the second half becomes as done as the first, remove to a heated platter to keep warm until you finish making the batch.
  15. IMG_1252
  16. Top with real Canadian or other 100% maple syrup, ideally warmed.
  17. Once smothered, best enjoyed hot, with a side of coffee and orange juice.
#brunch is served. Turkey bacon pancakes with orange juice and coffee. Freshly squeezed coffee, mind you, and the whole beans ground that morning. Still shiny with goodness, having only been roasted recently.

#brunch is served. Turkey bacon pancakes with orange juice and coffee. Freshly squeezed coffee, mind you, and the whole beans ground that morning. Still shiny with goodness, having only been roasted recently.

And that, my friends, is how a geek does brunch. Being able to enjoy good food is one thing, being able to share it with friends, family and most especially my children who are so far away during the holiday season? Priceless. Jaz, Sam – this one’s for you guys. Love you.

Email emotion tracking to monitor the health of your corporation: a must have tool for CEO’s

Check this box and your butt will be pixelated. :) Nice.

Check this box and your butt will be pixelated. :) Nice.

Somebody please build this for me, since I’m too busy and the idea is too good. Every year, the best run corporations do an, “Engagement survey,” which is focused on measuring a bunch of crap, really. The data is all there already in hundreds of thousands or even millions of email exchanges between teams, managers, etc. By scoring, sifting and analyzing the emotional subtext and then mapping the relationships over time, you’d be able to see clear patterns emerge.

Coupled with a centralized system to pair the email emotions with employee performance in tools like Workday or other HR systems, you’d have a complete, holistic approach to managing human resources like never before.

There are two components of top teir performance: the ability to know and plan, and the ability to measure actual versus plan. Without the proper mindset, driven by emotion, change is impossible. Every company wants to grow, innovate and acquire more share. This is the, “Maximize shareholder value,” metric and dream the USA’s been chasing since before I was born. By measuring email emotional patterns, we would unlock a bunch of the communication in every company that, today, is largely being ignored.

Did your boss shit on you, metaphorically speaking, before your performance nose dived?

Think about it. Back in the day, I was part of several, “Re-orgs,” which made me feel good, a few times, not so good, other times. When your manager changes, it’s a huge, massive deal for an employee. In fact, studies show that people don’t quit bad companies. They quit bad managers. The recent rise in quitting, the highest we’ve seen in the US since 2008 right before the financial collapse, should give every one of you CEO’s I know pause as you think about your 3, 5 and 10 year plans.

Let me get specific for a moment. At Quinstreet, I started reporting to the 2nd in command. Then I reported to her next in command, then I reported to a manager who reported to my second manager. Finally, right before taking the exit door, I reported to a new guy who showed up after I did to the company, the new team lead, when my third manager left to become self employed. Normally, that chain of events will drive anybody to leave a company. Looking back, it probably makes sense, because I wasn’t ready for the role they needed me to fill, that I took the exit when I had one and moved on with my career.

However, during my time at Yahoo, I had good and not so good experiences with managers. There was a lot to still love about the company, and my role, department, etc, was not well understood given that SEO, as an internal function, was brand new in 2004. It showed up as a critical business priority along with the rise of Google as the dominant driver of referral traffic. These days for some categories, it could be any one of Google for search, or Amazon for products, or Facebook for media, or Apple for apps, etc. Many categories have their own primary driver of traffic, no longer is in every case, Google number one – though in many cases, they still are by a mile.

When working at Yahoo, if management had been able to track emotional shifts across teams, as well as the business outcomes, things probably would have gone the same way. But for those of us like me, and many other amazing people I worked with, we’d be able to see that without the emotional drive, the intellectual challenges of sustained high performance would elude the team. With feeling, we win. Winning is a feeling.

Tracking, reporting and correlating en masse across eighty thousand people’s emotional well being would do wonders for a company. In ancient times, it was well known that an army marches on it’s stomach. In modern times, a company marches on email. Without knowing how the army felt about the march, the food, the general risked mutiny. Without a company knowing how the team feels about the most critical aspect of business, communication, it’s driving blind and risking mutiny. Or worse.

Happy to help anybody who takes this idea and runs with it, I want to buy this product when it’s ready. The email mining techniques have been applied to customer service for prioritization of inbound requests, but not to on-going operating communications within companies that I’m aware of. The best way to reach me these days is my corporate email, first dot last at hookupjs. Or gmail, same format, if you’d prefer that one and aren’t a former or current colleague (most folks who read this have worked with me in the past).

Finishing the week strong: three things to do right now

2014-12-5-finish-strongDo you want to have an even bigger holiday season?

The stats are in and Facebook traffic, digital word of mouth is even larger than we’ve expected (hm, it’s sounding like Facebook is the Google of 2014). However, depending on your category, either or could be the largest driver of traffic for your site.

The single biggest reason for sites that are not getting the engagement they should is not posting enough. Go on, use the free tools they provide and set up a few for this evening. I’ve already done it for every brand I work with, it takes but thirty minutes to setup an amazing finish for the week.

Who doesn’t like to finish strong?

In other news, one of the reasons we do this is because at my company, hookupJS, we know that winning teams keep winning.

Have a great weekend. I’ll be resting up because I feel a cold coming on *cough*. Or is that just the sounds of WoW?


Want to meet other business owners? Start one

The best way to meet other business owners is to be a business owner. 10% of my LinkedIn profile views are from business owners…and, between friends & family members, I have a dozen people I can call anytime for advice in my network. All owners, founders or entrepreneurs.

Like attracts like. It’s one of the best use cases I know of for LinkedIn.