The story of a burger & JG Publishing

A homemade burger story

If you, like me, grew up in the US of A, you probably grew up with some amount of barbeque, hamburgers and the like. The difference between fast food and higher end restaurants, and homemade, is always one of those things that’s easy to articulate. Familiar to anybody who eats out, who likes to cook, who has had the opportunity to experience fine dining, you know that the quest to get a fantastic burger is a difficult one. Not unlike starting a business. While burgers come with fries, frequently, it’s incredibly rare to have the experience at home or out where both the fries and the burger are majestic. So, it’s better to focus on one thing, in this case, the burger, and do it exceptionally well.

That brings me to the mission of JG Publishing (note my initials – I’ve never actually done that before). When thinking about it, I love the publishing business. First as a marketer, then as a social network co-founder, then now as a writer, I thoroughly enjoy connecting branded stories with the audience which will appreciate them the most. That’s what I’m doing now, through a combination of consulting and publishing. Back in the day, I was in the media business and focused on advertising revenue. Now it’s about ecommerce and lifetime value.

When I experience that amazing burger, that wonderful story, that exceptional product – I tell my friends. I’m so satisfied, I can’t imagine getting a burger anywhere else. Products that inspire, stories that move, these are the things that personal time and life are made of. Not banal corporate, white washed and toneless tag lines. Real, juicy and filled with variety, the stuff of life is cut from a rainbow colored cloth.

Daring to be different, being bold in the decisions you select, these are the characteristics that more and more define the successful startup stories we read daily. Taking risks, both in product, in experience and in style, leads to incredible business results. Not all brand voices are willing to be different, to be edgy, to be so unique as to be unforgettable.

Those are the kind of companies I’m chatting with and the businesses I’m helping. Daring to be different, to be unique, to stand for something larger than the balance sheet. It’s those voices that have something to say, that have an understanding of the symbiotic nature of company, culture and people, that I enjoy promoting the most. At the end of the day, they have an amazing story, which gets told and retold.

So, business number eleven is a chance for me to do something that matters, something important, to combine my goal of spreading social good for profit. No matter what political party I believe in, the idea of some form of government comes with costs, and services that benefit the whole of society. Companies that take this approach, where by growing, scaling and generating more profit, society overall benefits, are the ones I love. This is my chance to create a business that does so, in a bigger, better way than others I’ve built.

Or, to join an amazing company where I can put my skills to good use. I’ll still have the burger business, because there’s no reason to delist my ebooks or stop playing with animation (besides, it’s fun).

On to the next chapter. If you’re interested in learning about the SEO game I’m working on, or the ebook I have published or are interested in hiring me for an amazing career opportunity, feel free to get in touch. If it’s not about the above but you’re interested in chatting about something relevant, feel free to reach out as well.

May you, too, find good fortune along your journey.