About Agondy, Jeremy’s Personal Blog

First and foremost, this blog is about my personal take on things. Mostly business, sometimes life and sometimes, the blend of the two. Who am I, you might ask, and why would you be interested in going along for the ride?

At present, I am job hunting for an SEO, social media or marketing role in product management, marketing management or product marketing. Ideally a larger company with good work life balance.

Some highlights and what I’m up to right now:

  1. Running JG Publishing, soon to be named HookupJS, – that’s the brand name I’m using for consulting. The software manages Facebook, built by Hans Doller, and I have some other tools he built while we worked together.
  2. Started eleven companies, sold three – at one point, one of my businesses, FunAdvice, was the second fastest growing social network in the US with nearly 7 million visitors per month.
  3. Consulted with more than sixty companies on their digital strategy, helping with things ranging from social media to video, to infrastructure and most commonly, search.
  4. Fifteen years in digital marketing – a lot of that in SEO, social media and helping companies grow.
  5. Traveling to seventeen countries, living in three and speaking two languages gives me a unique perspective – and I love the bay area. It’s home.
  6. Prior experience in front end engineering, a bit of Javascript, Ruby, etc.

If you want my full professional resume, you can find it here & drop me a note if you’re interested in chatting or networking. Jeremy’s LinkedIn profile.