Let’s all try to remember why the holiday season is important

In a season when our nation’s capital decided to legalize recreational Marijuana, one of our largest Californian corporation showcases an ad reminding us all that sometimes, we forget things when at the grocery store.

So far, so good – until you see what they are prompting you to do. Buy more alcohol, when domestic abuse (closely linked with alcohol), violence and more are all closely related. Friends, family members and others – take a read through some stats on how often domestic abuse happens from smoking versus drinking.

Then, imagine a better place. Shouldn’t Google advertise some Zig Zag’s and a blunt, along with George Washington standing on a turkey? He did after all sign our country’s constitution, made from hemp.

Food for thought. But please, fellow marketers, if you’re going to run an advertisement…you have to remember that the culture, the psychology and the people who are going to see the advertisement, ultimately, are the ones who decide if it fails or wins. Not the internal team.