Stories matter, especially the ones that star you

I think I have pretty awesome stories. But, when I think about it, the most interesting stories I’ve read, I’ve shared or have heard are from other people. Sure, I can say a bunch of stuff that might surprise, delight or even inspire. However, all of us can, right?

Back in elementary school, the dreaded first creative writing assignment was, “Tell the class what you did over the summer.” Too many times, I wrote my story and then after hearing a classmate realized that they had a cooler, more awesome or funnier story than I did.

What fatherhood and life experience taught me was that everybody’s got an awesome story. Even the best story will eventually be surpassed by an even better one, because time and place matter. Context matters.

Personalization is a big deal in marketing. The most important, personally relevant story is always going to be the one that stars me, that I tell in my own head. When we learn how to tell stories that allow the community to feel the same surprise and delight as the protagonist – it’s that moment when the message becomes something bigger.

While honing my craft and learning to tell better stories, I’m always on the hunt to hear new, better and different stories from other people. If we haven’t talked in a while, drop me a note. I’d love to catch up on your story.