Building up my Twitter following: impressed with week one results of nearly three hundred followers

Of course, I’m following over three hundred now as well on Twitter, but, it’s awesome to see the increase in engagement and traffic. I’ve had a few people visit my blog and since I’m trying to “re-learn,” how to drive traffic and build a presence on social media, things are going fantastic.

Less than two months ago, I started building up a brand new account on both Facebook and Twitter. Between the two platforms, the brand now has a social reach of over 1,600 followers – and sales have increased by more than 10% so far. A few times I mentioned the ad campaign on FB here – life to date CPF is now at $.23 cents. What’s even better, CPF for the past two weeks was only $.15 cents; for the past week, about $.17 cents. In other words, the performance of the ad campaign has increased about 33% month over month.

With such a small social media footprint, it’s hard to say, definitively that it was social and not, “Fluke,” that drove the increase. Still it’s interesting to see and correlate the increase in social footprint with business outcomes. I’ll be watching and analyzing more to see if things scale out the way I expect from here.