The Unexpected Burger: Topped With Guacamole, it’s different yet delicious

Sometimes, you want something different. Something unique. Or maybe, IMG_2311somewhere inside of you, there’s been a feeling. That you’re different, you’re special. The universe seems to move at a different pace, life passes by at a bent angle. When I slathered on the guacamole onto the whole wheat bun of this burger, I knew I was being rebellious. My constant companion, mustard, was nowhere in sight, nor would that fine ingredient get the chance to flavor this particular specimen.

 Have you ever felt like a guacamole burger?

I know. It’s a hard thing to admit sometimes, growing up here, that the staple condiments, mustard, ketchup, mayo, sometimes don’t get to attend the musical composition that is a delicious burger. Sure, the mayo might arrive in the form of a garlic aioli, or the ketchup might be a passenger in the flavored beef patty. But, the ingredients, in their classic form, are nowhere to be found. There’s a reason for the disappearing act.

Sometimes, we all want that new experience. Crave that delightful twist. Movies are all re-runs, right? Because there are only seven basic types of story. The punchline might be the same in many tales, “They lived happily ever after.” But it’s the unexpected surprises along the way that make the story worth hearing, even when you already know the ending.

The unexpected burger could be a product. Something that is unique, different and creative. It stands out. People notice. They talk. “Did you hear what he put on his burger yesterday? OMG!” Ya, I know. People talk and spread rumors all the time. Here’s the clincher: you can make your own rumors, about your own brand, with your own creative.

Ah, one more thing. I’m now booked solid for the next two weeks, and with a vacation at the end of this month coming up, new clients are subject a one month waiting list. Sorry. I’m happy to chat in the interim between now and then, just want to set expectations that work won’t begin for a month.

Oh, wait. Did you want more burger pics? I feel you – check them out.