Adventures in confusion: why yahoo has no pulse (see what I did there?)

Designing something that’s easy to use, confusion free and that just plain makes sense should be a source of competitive advantage for a company like Yahoo!. Having worked there for a while and seeing the mountain of information, consumer research and the over the top branding guidelines…you know these guys, at some point, actually cared how people use their products and designed them to be easy to use, fast loading and confusion free. Well, apparently not anymore (I think they let the usability folk go in the last layoff).

Where is Yahoo’s Pulse, anyway? Let’s examine the evidence.

In my daydreams, I think that I somehow know what to do with the internet. So when I see what appears to be a link ‘Find People’ and having not logged into my Yahoo account in months…I want to see if I can find myself.

After the search box opens, I do what any sane narcissist would do: search for myself. Everybody has searched for themselves at one point or another, you know, to see if they’re famous, to see what other people said…to see if there are any wacko ex’s running around slandering you. That kind of thing.

Searching for yourself brings…no joy, only confusion.

Yep, I know how to spell my name and everything!

But….even though I try to find myself, I can’t. Sucks.

All I get…is the address bar, indicating that something happened, but, clearly not what should have happened.

See there? Just the address bar changed. Nothing else. The search box disappeared on page and returned to it’s pre-click state.

Just so you know I’m not making this up…this is the page I should have found, somehow, some way:

Am I the only guy on the web that thinks this is somehow surprising? Or has everybody else already written off my former employer and just started to ignore big, gaping holes in their experience?