Poynter: tracking social media efforts…well, it’s a work in progress

While reading some news this morning, I came across this article on how some people (journalists) are tracking the social marketing efforts on poynter.org. The trouble is…I read through most of it and the punchline was “it’s a work in progress”…some tools work better than others, some are free, some are paid, there is no “golden key” that will unlock everything you’d want to know about your twitter, facebook and other social marketing efforts. I’m not going to rehash the list of tools, products and services mentioned…read the article to see the dozen ish things that people say they are using.

What sucks is, these are all very smart people, an article written on a “high brow” website that *should* be enlightening us as to the best things to do, tools to use or technologies to watch in the space. Sadly, that’s not where we end up at the finish line of the article. What I came away with is…it’s a work in progress, there are things things called “tools” and “vendors” and “approaches” that might help you figure out your ROI. Shoot, I knew that this morning, before even reading line #1 from the article.

Next time you’re going to do a blog post that’s masquerading as journalism…please have a perspective, give me some information that I can use and don’t waste my time. Seriously. 😉