Armed with mobile experience, scouting my next opportunity

After nearly a year in, “Stealth mode,” and then witnessing the launch of a mobile only Saas solution, I feel like I’ve grounded myself in the modern web. Then reading a statistic from the latest #MWC, I find that 7% of people are, “Mobile only,” which means that they never use a desktop.

Cool beans, dude! But…there’s like 14% or more of US households that don’t have a smartphone OR internet. Close enough to be within a standard margin of error, this is a particularly important bit for anybody who wants to do mobile marketing. In other words, if your target demographic might not be a smartphone hugging hipster, you might still consider, “Desktop first,” instead of, “Mobile first.”

So what do I do with my marketing budget?

Like any good marketer, including me, it’s the same tried and true method that I’ve heard smart people at Intuit and elsewhere re-iterate: Launch, learn & tune. At present, I’m basically rolling up my sleeves and building a brand from, “Scratch.” Sort of, it’s been around since 2011, but never had any real marketing applied. Website? Nope. Social media? Nope. So I’m basically running a month long marketing experiment to see what works, what doesn’t and why.

Give me a holler; the first hour of consulting is free, mostly because I’m figuring out if you quality as a client. Likewise, you’re trying to figure out if I would be a good fit; if we’re not a match, I have an awesome network and will promote you for free, no strings attached. See that? 😉 NSA and it’s all business.

Let me put this another way; if I can’t help you make an extra $100, in recurring revenue from our hour long conversation, I’ll be thrilled to provide some advice and consulting until the numbers jump to the next level. Right now, I’m working with one company, other than my own, and I am chatting with a few others to fill up my schedule for this month.