In the future, everybody will own a personal pick-up drone

800px-Predator_Drone_021While there are a few companies that have talked about having drone based delivery services, it’s in the consumer’s best interest to own a pick-up drone instead of having to rely on the delivery service of another company. Today, we all own cars. Some of us also own bicycles, so we have multiple modes of transportation. Some for their own brand of utility.

We also have multiple computers per person right now, some used for one task, like writing, and others used for phone calls, like my iPhone. Still we have Google Glass and other computers that we might wear elsewhere on our bodies, or sensors. Cheaper, more convenient ways of stitching together a more comfortable, simple existence are part of the evolution of modern society.

The control over our environment first started with thermostats will finish with the kind of background, convenient automated feeds and streams of data that flow into purchase decisions that happen in the background of our lives. Sure, we’ll still customize things but based on those preferences, we’ll save so much time managing our lives…the future will be an awesome place with so many robots at our beck and call.