Where’s my tweeting fridge???

450px-LG_refrigerator-editIt’s CES right now, apparently. What I want to know is, where the bleep is my tweeting fridge? Twitter’s now public, right? So shouldn’t my fridge be tweeting, “Yo, Jeremy needs milk!”

After my Samsung fridge tweets my grocery needs, I want my Samsung car to drive *itself* to the store, pick up my bag, and then drive itself back home. I want my Honda Asimo to pick up the groceries, put them away, and my Roomba to start cleaning my floor.

Then after my Samsung car drives me back home (while I catch up on reading the latest Jay Williams story), I want my Nike Fuelband to start uploading how few calories my desk job burned to the cloud.

Oh, yes. It’s CES and I’m already bored.

Fun fact: the quote about, “The future is here. It’s just unevenly distributed,” is so accurate it’s scary. Ever wonder why it’s becoming so unevenly distributed in the USA? šŸ˜‰

Another quote. “Those who don’t learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.”

Once my fridge can help me out with those quotes, it’s game over. Call me Neo and plug me in.

Update to this: after more consideration, a scenario that I can easily see happening is the following. I have a personal drone for running errands, after Amazon said that 90% of the items they send are less than five pounds, I was thinking. I could get a lot of shopping done, “One off,” for convenience and always get very fresh items from places around my area if I had a personal pick-up drone. Then I realized, the tweeting fridge was really just sending push notifications to my pick-up drone, which then flew out, armed with a wifi integration into my bank or credit cards, picks up items based on a scan of my fridge and recipes I’ve used.

This picture means that the fridge acts to scan a feed from a Google, Amazon, Walmart, Whole Foods, Sprouts or similar with offers and discounts on things I’ve bought. Each part of my living space would be equipped with sensors, integrated into a new, “Home OS,” that also included a feed from the bathroom to the bedroom. This would ensure you’d be on top of your health, fully quantified, as well as your energy bills and more. Spending would be optimized as you could link multiple stores and the drone pick up done round robin to ensure you spent the least on items you purchase on a regular basis.

Similar to how we have the computer fragmentation today, personal assistant and robots will fragment into a series of specialized machines. The roomba for the floor, the drone for the groceries, the intelligent car for larger items and personal transportation, the Nest for the heating and cooling bill, the crap feed for the bathroom and more. It would be dozens of large corporations with access to various, “Life streams,” of data about each of us. If this sounds creepy, we’re already there with TransUnion, Experian and other data providers. The hope is that you have privacy settings in this future state, where you can control which companies get what access to your data and how it’s shared.