Time is the one thing everybody could use more of

About a week and a half ago, I looked through the, “New app,” list on my iPhone. More than half the apps said, “Faster,” as if that was the only thing that mattered, or that it was enough in isolation to get me to download. Back in 2005, I met the performance guru, Steve Souders. He was a fellow Yahoo and I walked away from the meeting confused. Fast forward a few years, I used his teaching to improve bounce rates by more than 10% on the fastest growing social network in 2009, behind Twitter. Given that they just filed for IPO, it wasn’t a bad place to be.

Time is precious. None of us know how much we have, none of us know how much remains. The one thing that’s certain is that everyone of us has tasks throughout the day. Things we need to do, stuff we must accomplish, potentially work that needs to be done. If each one of those things on our, “Must do,” list took 10% less time, who among us would complain? Nobody I know.

There are many parts of life that are on the clock. In public, I never disclose things that are too personal, that hit too close to home. Time is precious and I want to enjoy as much of it, with friends, with family, with people who inspire me.

As we cruise into the season of shorter days, family gatherings and good food, I know I’m going to enjoy every moment of my family.