Now available: Sick Jokes: Part I on Amazon, a Jay Williams Short

It’s been more than two years since I first wrote a story and published it on Amazon. A lot in my life has changed and for the bulk of this year, I wasn’t writing fiction. Under an alias, under my name…at all. Distracted and wasting time, I finally made a friend who put their well meaning foot where it needed to go.

A little history: Jay Williams is the star of, “The Vampire Hangover,” which probably needs editing and a new title at some point. There are a few authors I have really enjoyed reading and once finished, Sick Jokes, I hope, would gladly find it’s way into the hearts and minds of the fanbase of those guys. Yes, I’m being vague but I’d rather not influence overmuch what you think of my work. If you find it similar to others, I’m curious who. If you find it bad, good or indifferent, I’d like to know.

When I have time, I’m already at work on Sick Jokes, Part II. Over the weekend, I’m going to setup a mailing list so anybody who wants can get the second installment, free, as an early release. It’s my way of saying, “Thanks,” for having faith in me and enjoying the first episode. It is a whole novel I’m writing, I just wanted to release it in chunks, both to entertain people who are impatient and to give myself an easier target to hit than waiting two months before releasing anything.

Perhaps I’m the only impatient reader out there, but, I think buying a short for $2.99, then getting the rest of the novel, as it gets published, for free would be a pretty awesome deal…and there are a list of authors who I’d LOVE to buy from if they tried out this method.

It’s available here, Sick Jokes Part I.