More foundation: my first cooking show on youtube ;)

Beta feedback received (thanks, all) and even though one for two did not like it, she gave me a *fantastic* idea for a scene in the next installment. Spell check tonight and then I’ll let it fly…still need a title though. Today, it’ll be there, in the back of my mind, something I’m mulling over.

There will be more videos, too. As I realized recently, writers never, ever finish up with groupies. Nor paparazzi. If you’re reading this with some kind of political agenda, from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely wish you the ending you so richly deserve. Having experienced the, “Dark side,” of celebrity for a while, the social media hate, the colleagues asking, “Did you see this on twitter?”, having to explain to more than a few people why it happens, what it means.

Even before this, from my consulting business, I learned the hard way – you can’t bring a lawsuit across national borders. So, while other people can do what they will, it’s up to me to build, solidify and grow my reputation. If I become known as the ninja vampire hunting writer of epic cheesiness, well, that’s not far off from me in my personal life. Minus the ninjas and vampires of course. Professionally speaking, any given company could use more cheese.

Kick back and enjoy the video if you want some tips on making a solid breakfast (though for me, this was brunch – I can’t pack away that much food first thing in the AM.

How to make a mushroom and sausage scramble video

Next month, as a few people have reminded me, is national novel writing month. My first full length novel will be available by then (knock on wood) because it’s the kind of synergistic, universal alignment kick in the pants I can only ignore at my peril.

Have an awesome Tuesday 😉