Playing spot the possible spy in an airport

People who know me understand that I have a very active imagination. Those that know me really well know that while I’m a bestselling author, it’s not my vampire book that’s selling. At present, I’m working on the first of a new trilogy series that I still haven’t decided if I want to publish under my own name or use a new alias. The premise is fun and people I’ve shared the basic story arc with were impressed (or just being very nice). Any author will tell you that inspiration comes in all forms, shapes, sizes and mediums. I’m a fan of reading, learning, traveling, using my own experiences and dreams.

At the airport today in Seoul, I wandered around a bit after having some yuck breakfast. It was cheaper than the buffet at the transit hotel but my stomach did not appreciate the distinction. While wandering here, I noticed that Caucasian people are a small minority of the travelers passing through. A few white guys traveling together, a few couples, some older, larger folk and a single, solitary man who could pass for a carbon cut out of an agency operative on Nikita or Covert Affairs (TV shows, btw).

Let me run down the characteristics of the stereotypical agency guy on those shows:

  • Tall – has to be over 5’10 inches (average height for an American man is 5’9 from what I’ve read)
  • Built – he’s got to be in shape enough to sprint, to run distance, to perform hand to hand combat, etc
  • Black leather or suit jacket – for some reason, this tends to be the default move for so many spy movies and TV shows…I’d bet lunch that the CIA actually has a rule against wearing this 😉
  • Travels with multiple bags, one of which clearly has his high tech computer – see, if he’s a spy, he’s got one bag for his computer, one for his emergency clothes and ultra high tech gadgets, which of course break down into smaller components and probably masquerade as parts of children’s toys for his non-existent kids
  • Aware, curious and alert – most people I walked past were laser focused, had tunnel vision and were not paying any attention to the other people walking by. This guy, like any good spy, was on high alert and aware of his surroundings. Just because it’s a secure airport doesn’t mean there is zero chance he’ll have to go all Jackie Chan on somebody.
  • Hardened, unforgiving and perhaps sardonic expression – this comes from seeing too much of the world, knowing the breadth and depth of humanity. Since any decent spy in those shows will have experience, it’s hard in an unguarded moment to truly wipe the cynicism or hyper-alert state from your face.
  • No glasses – ever see one of the good or bad guys get into a serious brawl with glasses on? I don’t care if they are plastic lenses, the odds are tremendous that your face would take damage, not to mention that once lost, you’d be at a serious disadvantage.
  • Posture is straight and carries himself unlike a computer toting office worker – ever notice how almost every guy you meet over 35 who works in an office has a perma-hunch? It’s not all of them, just most.

Of course, people that know me really well know that I have some seriously crazy stories about my own life. My goal is my next book, like my vampire one, is actually crazier than my life. I think the ingredients I have together so far will ensure that’s the case.

The reason I’m writing this here is because for some reason, my blog blew up yesterday. I know why but I’m not going to repeat it here. It’s flattering to get attention and I appreciate it. In case the people who aren’t my target audience, like the other day, are still reading, here’s what I’m up to…starting some consulting work, interviewing for some awesome job opportunities and as of this week, writing again.

I took a few months off of writing, even though I had the same ideas as I do now but after chatting with my kids and hanging out with them I remembered something. In encouraging them to follow their dreams, I can’t neglect my own. I have business goals and my writing is both a hobby and a possible, future state where I become a bestselling author. In the airport, under, “English books,” I saw many authors I recognize and have read. Rothfuss, Riordan Martin and others that I have heard of including Brown, Patterson and more.

While the first goal of my writing is to start selling a story that connects with people, that changes lives…the second goal I’ve decided is I want to become, “Airport famous.” Alongside brands including Rolodex, Ferragamo, Gucci and others, I think for any writer, that would be a clear signal of seriously massive sales.

Do you have a dream? If so, you should pursue it. Do you want to know what my dream is? I want to tell stories that improve people’s lives.