Thirty-six hours to fly from Hong Kong to SFO; ouch

When I booked my tickets, I grabbed the cheapest ones. Now I realize given my layover today that if spending an extra hundred could have skipped the twenty two hour layover I have today…well, that would’ve been the right way to go. Now I have to fly out to Seoul, wait twenty-two hours, then board my final flight back to SFO. Even flying to the other side of the world from SFO in Maldives or India if you go through Dubai, it tends to be less than thirty-six hours.

I’ve been on email and in touch with folks; got some great news and am expecting more soon. Jet lag has been brutal this week, I’m sure that when I get to the states, it’ll be a fast recovery since I never fully adjusted to Hong Kong time.

What were the highlights of such a short and brutal trip?

Seeing my kids, of course. I spent the entire time in a tiny apartment, writing, looking up consulting agreements and reviewing job opportunities. In just about three days, I wrote nearly six thousand words and rebooted the first novel in a trilogy that I’m super excited about. Re-reading a few books by some authors I enjoy also allowed me to see, since it was a re-read, what I liked, what I didn’t like and where my style is just different.

The nice thing about distance, about doing something again, repetition is that you can see things which you might not catch the first time.