Creepy guy keeps clicking my linkedin profile, does this happen to you?

For some reason, this guy checks out my LinkedIn profile every couple of days. I wish he would browse anonymously or something because it’s really, truly creepy. He doesn’t write, he doesn’t favorite my stuff, he doesn’t offer me a job or solicit me as a recruiter. Nor do we work together. He just keeps checking in, even when I haven’t posted anything. I am 100% sure that I’m not the only person on LinkedIn that views this behavior as strange. It would make sense if it followed, you know, a status update, post, like or share. Or if they were actually in my network as a connection.

However, none of those things is true and I really wish that they would buy a clue, realize their creep factor has hit a billion and just knock it off.

Let me give you an idea how this is supposed to work on LinkedIn in a few steps:

  1. I check you out, it’s because at the moment, I’m job hunting and looking for consulting work
  2. Somebody else checks me out because they want to hire me or I shared something; or they were curious
  3. What you do not do, under any circumstances, is keep coming back to my profile every two days to look at my face.

After I post this, sure, come check me out – that’s kind of the point. But, check me out every three days, whether or not I’m posting stuff? That’s just weird.

OR maybe, just maybe, I’m the only one that thinks this is strange?


2 thoughts on “Creepy guy keeps clicking my linkedin profile, does this happen to you?

  1. Peter

    No, not at all, but there are a million benign things that could lead to this happening. For example:

    1. That person has a laptop with a browser like firefox and is using a session manager to restore his/her previous session. If someone was doing research on people in SEO it would be beneficial for them to keep a tab open so they can refer back to it. Every time they re-launch the web browser it would load this page again.

    2. The person is not intuitively familiar with LinkedIn and is checking in to see if there are new things on your feed or if you’ve shared something.

    3. The person is planning something possibly involving you but is considering multiple candidates over a longer time-period, and keeps referring to your profile.

    4. That person is doing heavy research on SEO and finding many sources linking back to your profile and opening practically every link may cause redundancies in pages loaded.

    There are so many actions and motives that could lead to this behavior that I don’t think it’s necessarily creepy. I think it’s just a side effect of LinkedIn providing some but not all information on people’s browsing habits of your profile. What’s the time they spend on your page? If it’s 10 seconds it’s probably really inconsequential, and that could still be the case if it’s 15 hours since it may suggest the tab is just kept open (like in example 1).

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