Relationships are the treasure every ambitious person should pursue

The last few days, I’ve had the honor and privilege to chat with some of my past business connections. Awesome, amazing people everyone of them. The other side of the coin is that they have skills I can’t replicate. In business, in product, in shaping vision…in getting stuff done, navigating the byzantine layers of a multinational corporation…these people are awe-inspiring. That they appreciate my skills and abilities is humbling like nothing else. I treasure the business relationships which I’ve built over my career; there are some who I would love to work with again that, for one reason or another, are out of reach. That’s totally fine but it won’t change my mind, sometimes when you assemble a team in soccer, you know who you’d have for striker, for mid-field, for defense.

The team I have today is legendary. Every day I work with them, I’m inspired once again to be the kind of leader that they appreciate, they feel who cares (because I do), the one who they would follow anywhere. Tonight, I had a quick chat with one of the team. I shared, candidly, I’ve had one manager in my entire career (Hi, Rob) who I would work for again at the drop of a hat. It’s not that I want to be like him necessarily, but I want to evoke that kind of feeling with the people who I have the honor to manage.

For nearly five years, I co-founded and ran a niche consulting firm. When adding up the value created through acquisition, IPO, merger, etc…it was north of $1.5 billion. I’ve read the stats, I’ve seen the charts and I know the industry. It’s not bragging if it’s true: my firm was the single most successful in the category since the inception of the internet. Do I rest on that accomplishment, feel like I have been fulfilled and then simply dole out advice like somebody who believes their best days are behind them? No.

My best days are ahead of me, the business relationships developed over more than a decade are potential, the team I have built is reality. Together, we will accomplish the stuff of dreams. Of legends.

Treasure your relationships, my friends, my business partners, my team and my managers. Treasure them for they are the fuel that propels your career towards your dreams.