Brands as publishers and some newsworthy implications

Via LinkedIn, I spotted a link to this PEW Report about the declining state of the newsroom. The same amount less of real reporters matches the decline in American habits in obtaining news from traditional news media sites. It’s a new slant on an old meme, at this point, given John Battelle’s notion of, “Brand as media company in the digital age.”

Before finish getting ready for work, I wanted to say that while this presents an economic opportunity for brands, there are social repercussions to this trend that are not widely appreciated. On the positive, if the brand in question isn’t already in the publishing business, WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube…the social pipes make it easier, lower cost and higher reward than ever to become a digital publishing powerhouse. Some of this is, to me, the online equivalent of the classic offline logo on a product, from the Swoosh on a shoe, to an emblem on a car.

If an individual wants to take advantage of this trend for their personal brand, it’s a great time to be a hobbyist writer. From a near unlimited free reach in a blog to thousands of satisfied down-loaders from legitimate places like Amazon, literature aggregation sites or second tier distributors like Smashwords, there’s incredible potential in the digital version of the clay tablet, the most archaic form for writing I can think of.

Have a fantastic day.