X-men and first edition where Gambit made his full appearance ;)

After checking ebay, I realized this particular issue was worth something special. Friends of my teen years (what’s up?) will know that X-men was something special to me. While I never, ever, agreed with Logan’s, “Lamb chops,” his personality had a huge influence on my life. This understanding has shaped me in ways that non comic book readers won’t get.

“Music is like magic,” a quote from the song I’m listening to right now. I have about six hundred comics; there is now way I could ever appreciate enough the effort, the drive, the skill that they brought to create these precious books. To Todd, to Stan, to all the guys & gals who’s name I don’t know…I can’t thank you enough. Your work is immortal; people like me and my kids can only dream about your success.

Artists like you are the heroes of today.