For the two funniest people I have ever met; my boys, this is for you

Via Skype this morning, our conversation was not nearly as seamless as I would hope. When compared to my own experience at thirteen calling a buddy from twelve thousand miles away, it was immeasurably better. My younger son was chatting, my older son stuck to texting during the call. My nephew was also involved and the whole thing was hysterical. I mean, picture two twelve year old boys getting into trouble; then add in a ten year old rebel. What do YOU think is going to transpire in that conversation?

If you can, picture the two funniest guys you have ever met. Then regress them to 10 (soon to be 11) and 12. Imagine how, considering their fortune, they have experienced only a limited flavor of emotional melt-down. Yep, that’s my guys. After chatting with them via Skype last night, I remembered why and how I, personally, could be all that & a bag of chips. Life is about points of reference, experience and despite the best intentions of any given individual, we all view things through our own specially colored glasses.

Fortune favors the bold, I have heard. This might be true, but in my case, fortune favors the grateful. Love is not a standard word in the corporate vernacular; but I love the extended group. The team, the extended team…I’m humbled by their ability.The chat with my boys re-enforced that; at my age it feels a bit weird to say, “I want to fulfill their dreams of what I can be,” but it’s true. The last time I visited my parents, I made my kids chop wood for the first time. There is video, so yes, it happened 😉

The transition from, “boy,” to, “man,” is a rough one. Unfortunately, you guys get to experience some of what I went through. There are awkward moments which you feel nobody understands, there are a myriad list of things which change and most importantly, it is tremendously hard to believe that anybody else really, truly knows what you are experiencing. I get it, even though I know you both don’t get that I get it. Life is only lived forwards, and understood backwards.

I’ll do my best to help and know that whatever happens, I’m here for you both. Only yesterday did I learn you guys are my Irish Twins; I hope one day, you can both be as proud of me as I am of you.