Digital strategy, the new public relations and genetic algorithms

Over the last few days, if you read the digerati, you will have seen that Yahoo! made a new acquisition. That’s freaking awesome in so many ways; it deserves to be reported, shared, tweeted, blogged and reblogged. I have yet to dig into the story, but what I find fascinating is the implication.

Find a novel angle for an acqui-hire and leverage it…blogs, media outlets and more will go to town. When Yahoo acquired the company, if you’re really thinking it through, maybe they had a PR angle in mind. Genetic algorithms, those capricious mathematical formula that tweak and optimize based on inheritance, success rates and other KPI’s…these are reasonably new territory for all of us. I’m nowhere near qualified to even begin to comment on Summly, the product, the acquisition or anything. But reading the blogosphere and the digital, visceral reaction…I was interested in learning at least a few details.

Family connections and generational wealth give you access which is hard to come by

An interesting topic and an issue, I could only find after reading for a fair bit about this startup, the backstory and the Yahoo acquisition. Generational wealth is not a protected class; nor is having family and friends with the kind of rolodex money, alone, can’t buy. However, despite the connections and some other details…genetic algorithms. Wow.

Even though I have spent countless hours in college and then professionally learning and trying to understand the potential of the algorithmic future we have, it always impresses me when I read about somebody who has not only invented something truly modern but also made it successful in a business sense. Human potential is so much more than where we are today; the quantified self, optimization of personal, professional and medical aspects of life could do so much for all of us. Google Now, their glasses project…it weaves the internet into our lives in a new, seamless and beautiful experience. I’m old school; this post is being written on a macbook pro.

Everyone involved in building, developing, promoting or selling technology should be celebrated. They are the heroes of the modern era, those brave souls who for a myriad list of reasons, embrace possibility and share it with the world. I am humbled by the breadth and depth of reach from my career thus far and can’t thank enough every interaction, every person and every company that’s helped me become the person I am.

While the present is a gift, the future is a bright, shiny place. I hope whoever is reading this, like me, is excited about their contribution to enabling human potential like never before.