The beauty of life is that there is always a rainbow

The other day I was chatting with one of the engineers at work. Part of the discussion was repetitive, I’d had the same discourse with somebody on my team, but the message was important enough to repeat. Some think I work in the department of redundancy department; they’re not far off. The message was pretty simple, but important. Are you curious yet? Guardrails. Every time you make a decision, you have an entire spectrum of options. However, if you want to achieve specific outcomes, the goal posts have to be closer together than if you have no specific plans. These guardrails are the creative constraints that enable real innovation.

What do goal posts and rainbows have in common?

Not a lot, but they both have a left side, a right side, and a middle. Or an upside, a downside, and a middle. Either way, there is a spectrum, there are edges and there is the core. Innovate at the edges if you can, but real change can only happen once you drive to the middle. The end zone, the touchdown, the goal. Running, kicking or hitting the goal posts at the edges can be painful 😉