Trust is the framework that enables endless possibility

Flashback to my 1999 college graduation, where somebody gave a commencement speech and talked about how we’d all forget the presenter, the topic and all the relevant details after a very short period. He was right. However, the one detail that stuck was the theme of privacy. If you’re into technology, the privacy related news headlines have undoubtedly caught your attention. Yesterday at the Summit here in Utah, the Adobe team shared a few hockey stick lines which represented the number of times privacy was mentioned in the media. Interesting to me is that there is a parallel between privacy and the growing economic divide in the United States.

From where I’m sitting, the government seems to enjoy sitting and spinning. Each party blames the other, the uber rich are growing their wealth at near record speeds and unemployment remains at historic highs. The housing market is being artificially propped up through low interest rates and other tactics, all of which cause a sense of general mistrust. Seriously, do you honestly trust the government? 😉

When society at large lacks trust, if you build it across multiple teams, you’ll win

If you trust me to help, I can. If I trust you to do what we agree, I can put my energy into something else. If, however, I don’t trust you, or the reverse, then neither of us can move on to things which we should be doing. Trust is key. Without trust, you have no foundation. Building a house on a bed of quicksand is the same as leading being on a team with the trust missing.

Build rapport. Build trust. With those keys in place, the only limit to your success is your imagination.