Amazon’s kindle: now starring in commercials on television

If you haven’t heard of the Kindle before, you’re probably living under a rock – but that’s OK. In sum, it’s a compact digital reading device, about as long as a #2 pencil and only slighly thicker. The screen is the size of your average paperback novel (I prefer Sci-fi / Fantasy myself). And if you read Amazon’s earnings announcements for the last few quarters, you’ll hear that the Kindle is their #1 product in history.

Many people are crazy excited about the Ipad, which gets far more coverage in tech/geek/mainstream press. But the truth is that in terms of shifing behavior, shifting perception and shifting buying patterns the Kindle is a much bigger story. Recently, Borders announced it’s filing for bankruptcy, Barnes and Nobles has been exploring ‘strategic options’ while they launched (late) their own e-reader technology. The mainstream is finally catching up to what those who’ve had a kindle have known for years: it’s simply a better reading experience.

Keeping track of pageviews, readability (even in sunlight, which the commercial highlights) and now with enough batter that even a voracious reader doesn’t need to recharge more than once a week…it’s awesome.

Of course, if you’re expecting this to be one of those devices that “it does this, too!” be disappointed. The only extra feature worth even considering about it is you can open PDF files, text files and listen to MP3 music while you read. Other than those and reading, of course, it’s useless. A swiss army knife the Kindle is not, but, that’s OK by me, as I’ve swapped out buying paperback books that leave my fingertips dray and chapped for sleek, smooth, easy reading machine.