When was the last time you were ravenously hungry?

Yesterday, a colleague and great friend arrived with me in Utah. At the Adobe Summit, it was nearly lunch time and I was hungry. However, I had skipped my usual Saturday workout (I know, I know) so when he suggested gym first, lunch second, I agreed. On the positive side, the gym here is nice and I got to use some heavier weights. On the downside, by the time I sat down to eat about two hours later than usual, I felt as if I had a gigantic hole in my mid-section. Being hungry sucks, and I know it’s a massive problem the world over…however, I wanted to tie this back to a lesson in business.

When you’re hungry in the business sense, you’re likely to push harder

Ambition drives the model, as you might say. Growth is a priority for most businesses and anytime you rest on your laurels, you’re likely to see your market-share erode while somebody else eats your lunch. While I write this, I’m starving, it’s about time for my normal breakfast, I already did a fifteen minute swim and I desperately need food. In hotel room coffee sucks compared to what I have at home, btw. Anybody who waxes wistful about traveling for work is confused, it’s a lot like being self employed. Today, I can look forward to being, “On,” all day long, all evening too. Hopefully there’s game aplenty, because I’m literally and figuratively in need of some serious breakfast.

I’ll write more later about the brand name connections I already made. Bonus, if you’re still reading. The engineering guys I met said they don’t use Hyperdex or Redis, but they have an internal version of Map Reduce (Hadoop). Doesn’t everybody 😉