Disrupting the core model, while uncomfortable, is necessary

There are countless firms which hung their hat on software. Then SalesForce came along, with the mantra of, “No Software,” with a red stripe through the software. What a powerful message to send. Redhat, Microsoft, Adobe, the list is near endless of those firms which believed that the annual release made sense. It did, in that era. These days, with a near endless list of security vulnerabilities in tandem with the craving of better and better service, Saas has exploded.

As a current user of many Saas products and software products, I appreciate the distinction very well. If it’s software, I may end up with a critical vulnerability every few months which the company responds to with a desperate patch. With my Saas, I know that if things hit the fan, they will fix it ASAP without my involvement. In fact, if they are good, I may never end up learning about the fact that passwords were not Hashed and Salted 😉

What does this have to do with my six pack, as you said core?

Just as the six pack (or eight pack more properly) is the center of the male physique, the software package and now Saas offering is the core of the modern tech firm. Consider Adwords / Adsense for a moment (of which I was a premium partner once upon a time); can Google afford the affront to their brand of plain text passwords with no SALT in sight? Nope. The one way hash was good in it’s day, however, it’s just the tip of the security iceberg.

Suppose, for a moment, you are chasing a moving target. If that’s the case, you simply need to run faster than the opposition. In the end, the fastest will prevail 😉