People will forget the middle, even if you start weak, finish strong

Years ago, I saw an incredibly inspiring video. The video now has over three million views on youtube and I’ll never forget the ending. Finish strong, the motivational speaker urged. To flip it around, when you consider psychology and the human brain, we are more likely to remember the beginning and ending parts of a situation, a memory or an event. The middle could have been great, but let’s face it. The audience will walk away with a sour taste in their mouth if you finish up like Loopers, the Bruce Willis flick. Not bad, but the ending made you wish you could have spent the two hours doing something more productive, like chopping onions, or squeezing lemon juice into your pupils.

Wait, are you just talking about movies and your exercise routine?

Not at all, though I did finish up the three anaerobic sets this morning with extra repetitions. I’m after muscle stamina, not muscle mass. Endurance, in life or at work, is key because the first time you attempt to push the rock uphill, like Prometheus, might not be the only time. Every day, you can finish strong. Every week, you can finish strong. Quarterly, yearly. Life offers us the opportunity to finish strong in a dazzling array of ways.

When your energy is flagging, the day has drained your emotions like nothing else and all you crave is some downtime away from what became, “the grind,” by 3pm, remember. Legends aren’t born, they’re made.

Finish strong, my friends.