When I want to go above and beyond, I marinate; I don’t chill

While on the elliptical this morning, I was thinking through yesterday and today. Some giddy-up action in the evening really through me for a loop. I mean, it’s been only a few short months since my last time in the saddle. So this morning, I realized that I need to follow my own advice. I can’t chill out, I can’t soak in it. I need to marinate in it. What is, “It,” you might ask? Github. What did you think I was referring to?

Why does a marketing visionary need to flex his pull and push muscles?

For me, it’s straightforward. My skills are needed to step in when there is an outage; not just in my team, but the broader team as well. If I don’t understand technology at least two levels deeper than I operate, if I don’t understand the roles on my team, both vertically and horizontally, I won’t be able to push us forward. So there I was last night, practicing my giddy-up šŸ˜‰ Sure, you could fire back, “Some people use SVN.” Well, some people also type on a DVORAK keyboard to help prevent carpal tunnel and improve their typing speed. I’m not saying the world needs to switch to Github, or a DVCS; if SVN floats your boat, practice on that one.

One more thought about the post from yesterday if you’re still reading. Suppose the squirrels are coming for you; what’s the most appropriate reaction? Simple: protect your nuts šŸ˜‰ Those little critters are after acorns after all.