Beware the squirrels, when you turn around, they might ninja-kick you

Over lunch, we concocted an outrageous story, each of us building on another persons exaggeration until we landed in a place that only exists in cartoons and children’s stories. Let me be absolutely clear: the ninja squirrels only exist in fantasy. If you believe you have seen a real ninja kicking squirrel perform advanced feats of Japanese style martial arts, please get off the cell phone or computer and schedule a visit with your mental health professional. I will admit, the image is a funny one, by the end of lunch, my dimples were aching so bad I did worry I’d get a face cramp.

How does a ninja kicking squirrel relate to work, life or business?

Simple. Startups, like ninja kicking squirrels, can’t actually kick your ass. If you’re a big company, the smallest fry in the room, setting a multi-million dollar pile of money on fire sourced from tapped out pension funds, will never, ever defeat you. That is, if you understand the game you’re playing. If, for example, you believe that you are in the railroad business, the squirrels are coming in the form of flexible transportation called, “Trucks.” Understanding the hierarchy of needs that the addressable market has, knowing on a deep, fundamental level that unique itch your business scratches, you’re good. That understanding will keep the team true to it’s course and build something that lasts.

Workout done; now I’m going to get suited up into my squirrel gear and hit the road. Stay agile today. Ninja’s could be anywhere. 😉