Everytime I see it, the ocean moves me. What moves you?

Yesterday, after spending a Saturday being as introvert as possible, I felt a profound need to hit the beach. The weather was good, the traffic was light and despite technically the season being, “winter,” the beach was packed. Apparently, Capitola is a hot spot for surfers. There were easily two or three dozen people floating out there, trying to catch the waves. People with dogs, playing fetch and still others just walking, like I was, soaking it all in. I didn’t grow up around water, but I’ve been lucky enough to live near water for a long time. There’s something about the waves, the sound, the feel of an ocean breeze that moves me.

Why you should do some digging and find out what moves you as well 😉

It’s Monday. Today I, like so many other working professionals, look forward to a morning of traffic, three car accidents and of course the requisite rubber necking from the other drivers (because seriously, I’d never do that unless it was an EPIC train wreck). As I stared at the ocean yesterday, breathing deep, just existing, I realized how important it is to know what moves me. Without that understanding, deep down, I wouldn’t have a perspective. My ambition would be empty, my life would be a sad reflection of a jumble of priorities without any real meaning. If you trust me, trust that it’s hard to know what moves you. What drives your ambition, your hunger.

A friend of mine was hanging out with me on Friday, before I needed to retreat into my shell and have some alone time for the weekend. He’s a great guy, gave me some good advice, and had parallel questions to those I have been asking myself. The thing about the ocean is that it’s moving. Constant ebb, flow and sound. Energy. Many years ago, I learned about, “e,” the mathematical constant. It’s found in nature, over and again, a pattern for beauty, for growth. Yep, getting more than a bit geeky with that one, but when you consider the ocean, like me, “e,” comes to mind.

I’m hitting the shower in a second; one of the guys at work said recently in an email, “That’s what we call kicking ass, and taking names.” When I think about nature, about beauty, about growth, “e,” springs to mind. So does kicking ass and taking names. Enjoy your day.