Generate inspiration: five tips to get your blog noticed (aka, what we’re doing)

Many times you’ll see people say, “I’m writing a blog, how do I get traffic to it?”. Or, “I’ve been writing for months and written thousands of posts….why is nobody commenting on what I’m doing? Well there are a few keys to generating some visibility which we’ll share (shoot, this is what we’re doing now).

Guest blogging – this us where you either write a post for another blog or you allow guests to contribute special reports or articles on your own blog. The cross promotion of your perpective, insight and expertise will help get your name in front of a larger audience, for either the host or the guest.

Blogrolls – almost everybody has one and it’s a great way to showcase what group that readers should put you in, eg, if you are linking to quality stuff, some of that quality will help frame your blog in the eyes of your audience and make it appear more credible. If you are linking to crap, well, it’ll make you look shady at best – and like white at worst.

Allow commenters to leave their URL – it helps the author to learn more, it shows community, and it helps the other members of your audience get a better sense of the perspectives that are out there, as odds are, your blog post, mine or anybody else’s could benefit from some supplemental information. Stories are living things online, and they never stop just because a single author put their two cents in.

Keep the advertising to a minimum – I’m not saying you shouldn’t make some money from your passion, enthusiasm and creativity, we are simply saying that the leading site in every digital category also has the least in your face ads. As a result, if it’s good for Google and Facebook, it’s good for you, too.

Post often and in the topics that your audience expects. Pretty simple, really. You wouldn’t want analysis of the latest Microsoft rumor from Epicurious, likewise, you wouldn’t keep reading past the introduction line if TechCrunch started producing a holiday recipe segment.

Got more ideas we should add to the list? Drop me a note or leave a comment :)