Letting go frees you to focus on what matters the most

I had a great dinner last night with a guy I’ve worked with on and off for the past six years. Only after last night did I realize he was older than me by more than half a decade; not that it matters, but he had a great perspective on things. Despite my stint as a self employed entrepreneur, our career paths are incredibly similar. Similar challenges, similar opportunities and he’s basically where I’m at within a large company, doing amazing work and wondering how to best leverage things to build an even bigger career. Only this morning did I have the epiphany (after my 2.8 mile jog in 32 minutes, longest & best time yet) that I should have given him the advice which I’m still struggling with. Let go.

Why would letting go of responsibility help you get things done?

Sometimes, I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. That I’m carrying too much, that life is crushing me and pushing me into a tiny little ball. Younger me would have rolled over, or fought back. Or jumped ship, that was my standard move early in my career. Now I’ve realized, we’re all struggling. Every bright, shining person you meet is glowing because that’s the only way they know to attract other bright, shiny people. Then we all hold hands (lol, couldn’t resist). Sing it, “Shiny Happy People Holding Hands…” 😉

Recently, I’ve simply let go. As a man, I can’t assume responsibility for that which I had no direct control. Deep breath. If it means watching somebody else who says, “I got this,” metaphorically speaking, drown in the deep end, well, I’m going to feel empathetic. But I won’t save you. We’re all adults here, if I have to save myself and nobody else can then by gosh, you should be able to step it up and save yourself. I have no ego left about raising my hand when I feel like I’m drowning. While I share, I blog and I attempt to inspire…these posts aren’t about you, dear reader. They’re about me. I’m stoking the fires, I’m building up my brilliance and I know, if I shine bright enough, there’s a chance.

Maybe instead of jumping into the deep end, head first when it’s too shallow, somebody will look up, look around and question, “Is this a good idea?” Then I can help. I can assist and together, we can avoid the rocks. We can do amazing things. My hand will always be outstretched to assist, but I’m not going to feel responsible when somebody else refuses to take hold.

Neither should you. Let go. Be free, be brilliant and inspire.