Why it’s always better wet when testing ;)

In my continual quest of self improvement, learning and communication, I’m reading more things, watching more videos and sharing the journey with all of my friends. Family too, which is helping me to calibrate why I’m at where I am, as well as understand the gap in my own learning. As a father, as a man, I have an obligation to do better for my kids. Fundamentally, biologically, neurochemically obligated to enable them to do better than I’ve done. Besides which, I’m American to my core and the very foundation of my culture is the American dream. Most of you won’t understand the pride I feel when I share, my paternal grandfathers (add a few grand in there) fought, bled and struggled to help bring about this great nation.

So why is it better when it’s wet, rather than dry?

There’s a book a friend of mine recommended, called The Female Brain. While only a quarter of the way through, I’ve had a series of epiphanies. Do you want me to spill them? Sure…after you read the book. Then we can compare notes. As an author, I’m not about to deprive a fellow artist of their right to live, to earn and to be rewarded from their struggle to give birth to something profound. I will say one thing about the book and about myself. I am a better man, with only a small understanding, since reading the small part I have read so far. Friends see this and are amazed. Let’s get back to some business application, shall we?

About eleven years ago, I embarked upon my first multivariate test. It was more than a bit of a struggle, as being new to the concept, the concept being new to the digital marketing space and the platform at work we used being unusable on a Linux / Apache box, I had to code the testing script myself. In addition, I had to code the tracking script myself. This, incidentally, was also my first introduction to web analytics and helped to drive many of the inputs into the ConversionLogic analytics software business which I co-founded in 2003 and sold in 2004.

So there I was, newbie and green to my core. Running a test for the very first time. Winning in user engagement wasn’t enough. That’s a dry test. The real win was the wet test, the one which proved business results. That’s why we like it wet. There’s proof in the outcome.

Happy Friday.