If you are also doing epic shit, we should talk

Both of my sons have blogs, btw. Do I share those at work or professionally? Nope. My younger son at 10 and a half (11 in May) knows what, “shit,” means. The grin he shares with his brother when they hear reserved verbiage is so cute it makes my heart melt. After bouncing this off my extended team for the last few days, I realized I should share it broadly. My job is not just to be legendary, it’s also to do epic shit. Other people I talk to can verbalize all day long about, “raising the bar,” but me, I’m being legendary. Wait for it 😉

What does doing epic shit mean in a corporate context?

Simple, all those acronyms that have been white washed, sanitized and perhaps approved by corporate PR? Yep, grokking all of those, knowing where you’re at and where you are headed. That’s baseline baby. Inventing a time machine like the guy at Google X, developing the forecasting and predictive engine to enable a business to go from zero to hero, making people love your service so much they brag about paying you money – that’s epic shit. The mundane hitting plan, growing by a paltry 10-20%, that’s mouse nuts. Recognize the differential and adjust your targets accordingly.

Sometimes, people crave examples before they feel comfortable about raising the status quo. Github, for the non initiated, is the rockstar, ninja standard for source code hosting and sharing. While I’m the crappiest programmer you will ever meet, I can code in three languages, integrate a database and configure Apache, Mongo or Nginx. These guys at Github have me paying them like $12 bucks and month and bragging about it, making me feel special while I fork over my cash. My buddy Vlado became their CFO recently which tells me that while I’m smiling and happy to give them a monthly check, they’re going to do even more epic shit in the future.

I can’t wait.