Legends and myths, unicorns and fairies: whatever you do, make it epic

There’s a reason we all learned the story of Icarus in school. The boy who few too high, too close to the sun, and fell to his doom. The fake wings, made of glue and bird feathers. Who doesn’t dream of the personal jetpack which enables you to fly like a bird? It’s a legend, a myth, a story that we share without hesitation or hemming, simply because it touches us in a profound way. If I tell you the story of the boring, the mundane and the ordinary, why the f–k would you go pass that along to your friends? Do you want to come across as boring, drab and uninteresting? Hell no.

Don’t collect comic books; collect a sh!tload. Don’t hit your numbers; blow them out of the water. Don’t aim at the bleeding edge; jump off the cliff and hit the moon. It’s all too easy to give in sometimes, don’t do it. Believe. Have faith. Make it epic.