Careful, they might bite: it’s officially the year of the snake.

We just ended the year of the dragon (my wife is a dragon). Now, it’s the year of the snake. According to Chinese Astrology, at least. What does the year of the snake mean for you? Odds are, nothing. However, I wanted to take this time to share a few things about me. While not keeping score, plotting revenge or expanding my empire, I like to come up with theories about the behavior of the people I interact with. Sure, I could be wrong some of the time. Odds are good, I’m right at least some of the time as well.

The last time In my career I had zero management responsibility was almost eight years ago. That’s a while. As a result, I think that I’ve grown as a person because nothing teaches you how to grow up better than managing others. Kind of like having kids (hi boys). If you add in my parenting career, I’ve got several decades of management experience.

What’s all this got to do with business anyway, isn’t that what you blog about?

Yep, I do blog about business. There is a very important message here and I wanted to make sure you were paying attention before I shared. According to this study from Florida State University, a whopping 39% of managers failed to keep their promises to their employees. Wow. There are more nuggets in the study, which I found via this awesome blog post titled, employees leave managers. I love my job, I love my team and I love the extended team. In the immortal words of Ice Cube, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.” I’m going to do my level best to be a better manager because at the end of the day, it’s not my work that counts the most. It’s the team.