Leadership lessons from Yoda: “Do, or do not. There is not try.”

Friends and co-workers know I had a very surreal experience in December. When applying for my apartment, they phoned and said somebody had reported me dead on my credit file. Weird. I felt like Bruce Willis in Six Senses. Luckily, the two people with me from work confirmed, nope, I’m still alive. Besides, I have a lot more hair than Bruce Willis (at least, so far – we’ll see if I end up like my brother or dad in a few years). The experience was odd, to say the least. Immediately, I started re-evaluating my priorities.

One of my top priorities has been, on and off, exercise. However, at the time of this surreal experience, I wasn’t exercising on a regular basis and at my age, feeling like I expected to at my dad’s age. Ugh, not good. So I started running a few days a week, then after I moved, I’ve been in the gym every other day for the past few weeks. Somehow, the realization that what I was doing didn’t match what I wanted to do really struck a nerve when I got this odd message.

What’s all this got to do with the mightiest sage of them all, the light saber wielding Yoda?

Either you are exercising, or you aren’t. There is no, “I’m trying to get in better shape,” because let’s face it. Push-ups don’t happen like magic, and running, which sucks, is not something that you just blink & it happens. It’s not like online banking, signing a check or smiling. It takes persistent effort, conscious choice and the mental fortitude to follow through on a schedule. “Do, or do not. There is not try to get in better shape.”

PS: This isn’t just about exercise, you know 😉