Opportunity awaits everybody with an open mind

I’ve got more time on my hands than I know what to do with. After a half hour in the gym this morning, coffee, orange juice & some propel flavored water, it’s still early. Checked work email, personal inbox and LinkedIn. What’s next? An awesome day at the office.

The interesting thing for me sometimes is not what’s on a resume, or a profile – it’s what’s missing. Not all our greatest accomplishments are a Google search away. For me, opportunity knocks in proportion to my willingness to be open, to chat and to connect with people. I saw the same thing when consulting seven years ago, the more helpful I was, the better business growth we saw. At present, I’m content with where I am professionally, tapping into opportunity and helping the team aspire to do bigger, better and more visionary things.

Personally, I am growing more content, despite the massive changes in my life. Interesting to me that once I started asking myself, “Why not do something more profound,” I’ve grown more successful. If you shoot for the stars, but only hit the moon, at least you arrived in outer space. Larry Page, CEO of Google, gave an interview that talked about, “10x.” I think it’s a similar statement to the classic one about outer space. Setting your sights for bigger, better things means you might do more than you ever imagined, even if the goal you set still remains out of reach.

Oh, and nobody reads this. For some reason, if you do decide to read this, feel free to get in touch. Best way to do so is LinkedIn.