Designing the next earth shattering startup requires following some design norms

People for good or ill have expectations when they arrive at your website. It’s not the first they have visited and it probably won’t be the last (how many of us use Google 10+ times per day eh?). As a result, it’s a really hard sell to people when they arrive to do things differently. Yes, some companies can get away with it (Apple comes to mind) but when your company isn’t the one with the highest valued publicly traded stock price, you have to do some things in “normal” fashion.

However, who’s to say what’s normal? And why? Enter productplanner. It’s the site you can easily digest, browse and discover the leading websites user flows. A user flow is essentially the series of actions and steps that the typical visitor to the website will take when performing so called standardized actions such as registration, inviting friends and so forth. Without knowing what the standard is it’s really hard to justify your approach. If you do know then it’s easier to say, “our registration flow is 3 steps less and therefore, 40% faster than the same registration flow on Facebook. Or my____. You get the idea.

If you haven’t used it before go on and give it a try. In our experience when stacking up leading companies it was shocking to see that, seemingly, they all read from the same playbook. Maybe that playbook was productplanner itself.