Access to these deals will expire in 10…9…8…

I’m moving. It’s been about a year and a half since the last time I did so. Previously, it wasn’t me that filled in the paperwork with the USPS. This time, while going through their, “funnel,” I got to see their direct marketing & high pressure tactics at work.

For example, the javascript count down. It starts from five minutes and while you watch, it counts down to zero to show that yes, those offers are really going away in the next five minutes.

Perhaps I should laugh at how silly it is. Or maybe I should cry over the lack of understanding from my fellow marketers. If you are going to implement the asinine tactic of a javascript countdown…keep the meter running even when it’s not the active tab in the web browser. Apparently, five minutes lasts a lot longer than it should when you’re toggling back & forth :)