If you don’t enjoy it, nobody else will

Tonight, I’m having some people over from work. The only problem is my wife is an amazing cook. I’m only, “good,” compared to her culinary skills.

So while I have time to spare, I’m double checking everything. If it’s not awesome and delicious to me, odds are very good my guests will hate it. The pesto sauce I just finished is unbelievable, fresh herbs, parmesean, salt & pepper…I could eat it by the spoonful. However, I have this nagging suspicion that if she was here, it would be even better. I’m trying on my own and I know, I have room to grow.

If the rest of the dishes I prepare tonight delight and surprise my own tastebuds, well, even if it’s not as good as when she cooks, at least it’ll be above the normal expectation. Or so I hope.