What you use and what you love; a lesson from ‘hoarders’

I’m in the midst of moving. A few years ago, I saw one of those, “Hoarders,” kind of television shows. Or what is one where they just clean up? I’m not positive which it was, honestly. The point one of the hosts of the shows made when chatting with the person who had, “Too much stuff,” was that you should only keep two things. One set of things is that which you use. Stuff like cooking utensils, your television, computer, phone, etc. These are the caliber of tools or necessary bits of life, like clothing, which you need on a daily / weekly / monthly basis.

The other set of things the host recommended you keep is that which you love. Decor, paintings, perhaps a memento from a special time in your life. These are the things you love, which you should keep. I have an acorn my wife gave me fifteen years ago…there’s a story there, which I’m not going to dive into. Of all the objects and possessions I love, that acorn is more precious than most. So naturally, I’m going to keep the acorn.

After I have reviewed my stuff, if it doesn’t fall into one of the two buckets, it gets tossed. I’m selling things; giving them away, and having a company simply haul away the rest. When I’m done, I know I’ll be happier about my stuff than I have been in years.

Years ago, I saw some George Carlin routine which resonated with me. There’s some…language, but it’s worth watching.