Things to do in Denver when you’re dead – remember that movie?

Some slick dialogue, such as, “Give it a name.” Interesting characters, the whole lot. Andy Garcia in arguably, his finest role ever. It wasn’t about the destination. Given such a title, you knew the end walking in, eyes wide open. The only question on the audience’s mind was, “What does he do?”

Jogging is painful but I’m trying to make it a habit anyway. Today was day five, every time, I go longer, burn more calories and have more insights about life, the universe and everything. Shameless plug to Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Today I realized that we’re all dead, eventually. Unless and until science invents immortality, we’re toast. It could be 500 years, or 50. Worm food in the end. What happens next isn’t the point of this post. The point is we’re all on the same path towards the same end point. I love the people I’ve met along the way and cherish the days, weeks, months and years I have spent with them. I look forward to the years, decades and with luck, centuries more I have with them.

Today, somebody will say hello. Somebody else might say good bye. The journey ends, the journey begins. While I’m here, the only question is, how do I spend my time. Yesterday, I shared with people who I cherish. If yesterday, the candle burned out, I would have had confidence they could carry the torch. However, I’m here now and the light is still burning. While I’m on the journey there is only one direction to go. Forward.