Note to billionaires: throwing somebody else under the bus isn’t cool

I get it, honestly. When I was younger…wow, I got such a thrill from pointing out how wrong, how unjust or how off strategy somebody was. However as I’ve gained some experience, I have realized that it’s a poor strategy. Why?

1. While you’re worried about the other team’s stuff, you aren’t making your own better.

2. If you are a BILLIONAIRE and picking on say, somebody who’s worth less than 1% of you…it’s kind of like picking on the kindgergartner when you’re in middle school. Sure, we know how it ends but there was no question at the outset – and it just makes you seem like a bully.

3. Despite the amount of marketing I’ve been exposed to from this billionaire’s product line…in many categories…I have zero interest. Sure, it could be I’m not in the market that their firm targets. Entrepreneur, founder of multiple companies, seller of several, with unique political affiliations…wait: I *am* in their target market. Dude, you failed.

Lucky for me, I made this exact mistake when I was younger. We all make mistakes. We’re all human. But drafting a public letter throwing somebody under the bus with zero facts…crapping on their reputation, their family and friends. I don’t know you personally but I can see you are an opportunist. That’s cool. So I am. However, I realized at less than half your age…opportunity doesn’t have to mean being an evil prick to those whose hands you’ve shook, those whose company you have kept and most importantly, those who have called you friend.

I’m not going to wait for your apology, nor name names. That’s not my deal. However…if you have the character you espouse in your advertising, you would at least come clean on this. Family, friends…those who like me, would otherwise admire you…will never, ever respect you for the things you did.

PS: For the billionaires (note the plural…) I’ve met in person, this isn’t directed at you. Rather, a family friend who as a result of their latest advertising, I find reprehensible, amoral and without character. I’ll happily retract this…provided this billionaire issue a public apology. My audience is zero so it’s not like I’ll dim the sheen of this knight’s armor. (Yes, the final Wheel of Time book comes out tomorrow, so I’m thinking Mid-evil).