Sometimes, winning is losing. Are you okay with that trade off?

A while back, I had a much larger team than I do now. However, my style, my philosophy, was polar opposite. As a told a friend today at work, “If I wanted their opinion, I’d have given it to them.” If you read the economic statistics, the dictator model is the most efficient. However, it’s not always possible in each situation. Sometimes, collaboration, team work and design by committee is the appropriate path forward. We made a decision today which I disagree with. However, the approach, the rational and back-story to me was enough that despite my disagreement, I said yes. I’m both opinionated and stubborn, which is why it took an hour for me to agree. Five years ago, it would have taken a cataclysmic event for me to change my perspective.

What changed?

I’ve shared this with a few people. Too much success, too young…I was wrong. About so many things. Growing up, I’d never have imagined that making (and spending!) the money I did would make me miserable. However that’s exactly what happened. I’m still trying to figure out when to agree, and when to disagree but at least I’ve learned enough to listen. Sometimes, when the team wins, I lose. Deep breath…I’m okay with that. Are you?