Launch Capital, Dave Shen and coffee: passion drives the model

A long while back, Dave Shen was the VP of international….something, I forget what exactly, and we ended up working together a bit before I bailed on Yahoo. I’ll never forget over coffee how he described himself, “My tank was half empty.” This was in reference to his work at Yahoo, which if you read closely, there was a bit of a gap between his being VP of UED and VP of international. I bring up Dave because this morning, it’s a brand new year. In 2006, we discussed my consulting firm and some of the challenges with the software we were building. The goal was to automate what we did by hand which would drive scale and growth. However, Asenyo never got there because I had a lack of drive around the software, the vision. Dave gave me incredible advice over coffee that day, I was just not in a place to follow through.

Years later, I realize that his advice would have been transformational for what we were building. Bloomreach is close, but not quite, what he was recommending. The guy was a genius. If you get a chance to acquire insight from somebody like Dave, do your career a favor and follow through.