Writing more and returning to using my name, rather than an alias

I’ve got four writing projects in process right now. For one of them, I have an established alias. For the vampire story (loosely sequel, but hopefully much better, than the Vampire Hangover), it clearly goes under my name. However I have two other projects in the works, one a modern day science fiction story and the other a fantasy series. Both are trilogies, at least, with the outline in my head. Given my real name is already associated with vampire stories, I think for the fantasy, it might make sense, but for the modern day science fiction, I’m not 100%. Of course, to write as much as I did in 2012, I need to also maintain a decent work / life / exercise / other balance, which this year I am certain will be harder than in the past.

For a guy who started writing in sixth grade for fun, I’m happy that for the most part, I’m comfortable producing copy. Crafting a story, inventing characters and then letting the scene unfold. It’s been gratifying in a number of ways. However, I’m also competitive and as a result of the work I do, I’m a bit obsessed with rank ordering things and then figuring out how I can change position to the top, or at least, improve where I’m at overall.

Still working on compiling my author stats; will post again when they’re ready.